Demon Slayer episode 10 “Never Give Up” spoilers and recap.

Demon Slayer continues to outdo itself week-by-week, this time with a masterpiece.

Anime fans held their breathe in all week after a horrifying finish to last weeks battle. Tanjiro and Zenitsu were left ailing and defeated with Tengen Uzui laid out on the floor dead with one of his hands chopped off. The price they paid was devastating, after the trio successfully landed an attack on Daki, for Gyutaro to appear from behind Inosuke and pierce through his chest, poisoning him in the process.

Episode ten picks up right where it left off last week in a horror setting. Tanjiro looks around the Entertainment District, destroyed and burned to ashes. Inosuke, Zenitsu and Uzui are all shown battered and bloody on the ground. Daki has fully regenerated, so the victory chances are slim-to-none for any Hail Mary that Tanjiro may have in mind. Gyutaro and Daki waste no time berating the defeated swordsman.

Tanjiro wonders, “why won’t he kill me?” as Gyutaro gives him an option to turn into a demon, or else he’ll kill him and Nezuko. Gyutaro kicks it up a notch by breaking two on Tanjiro’s fingers and slaps his head repeatedly telling him how much of a coward, failure and disgrace that he is for failing to defend his little sister. Gyutaro lands a brutal kick that sends Tanjiro flying towards the fire into some rubble.

The Upper-Rank six demon lashes out brutal attacks, as Tanjiro barely able to pick up his arms, throws rocks and debris at the demon. The final blow appears to be coming towards the hero, but Tanjiro lands one of his infamous head-butts. Gyutaro laughs it off, but the demon is temporarily not able to move his legs, since Tanjiro secretly covered up a kunai to disguise the scent of the poison. Tanjiro quickly stands and goes for one last attempt at beheading the demon. With Daki looking on in shock, Zenitsu zaps out from the debris and with one final attempt to put the demon siblings away for good, knowing that he cannot fail with Tanjiro creating a, “one in a million chance” to end it all.

It’s not looking good for Kamado with Gyutaro brushing off the poison quickly, and now the two are trading shots with Tanjiro quickly losing momentum. Right before the hero is about to get his eye slashed, Uzui makes the save of the day as it turns out that the sound Hashira used his muscles to force his heart to stop temporarily to prevent the poison from circulating in his body. Still dismembered, Uzui pushes back in a truly flashy way.

On the other side, Zenitsu is dealing with his own injuries causing his momentum to slowly fade. Daki laughs in his face, but Inosuke reappears bloody and enraged for one last round. She calls for her brother to do something knowing that she’s about to be beheaded yet again, which has become very humorous throughout the season. Gyutaro slices up Uzui and pierces through Tanjiro’s lip with his sickle, and now it’s the demon on his heels fending off all attacks. This time fans got to see Tanjiro hit another form as Tanjiro’s eyes white out and the scar on his head changes, having to do with the sun breathing technique that fans have seen flashes of this season that have a connection with his father.

It was a hard fought battle, but the heroes successfully behead the demons in probably the best episode of Demon Slayer that Ufotable has put out to date. The heads go tumbling until the duo meet in the middle and stare eye-to-eye one last time. The episode comes to an end with Tanjiro battling for his life with the poison running its course, and Uzui frantically warns Tanjiro to run, because Gyutaro has emitted one final attack. Uzui runs towards Tanjiro as the attack is unleashed. Fans are now anxiously waiting till next week to see who survived the blast. It’s been announced that the season finale will be 45 mins long, so the anime will have plenty of time to answer questions and build up to future arcs with deadlier ranked demons on alert now.

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