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AEW: Eddie Kingston signs with AEW Wrestling

Eddie Kingston has signed with the Black & Gold of AEW Wrestling, after making a lasting impression against Cody (Rhodes) last week. Eddie Kingston began his appearance with a live microphone – and anyone who knows Eddie knows its always a risk giving Kingston a live mic, because he’s a truth spitter that can often be blunt.

Eddie Kingston is an 18-year veteran of the business, from Yonkers, New York, who came up through the early 2000s indie revolution. He was a mainstay with CHIKARA, where he held the CHIKARA Grand Championship for 924-days, but earned his stripes in the hardcore scene, becoming an IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Champion and Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) World Heavyweight Championship, all while collecting even more gold in the likes of AAW, EVOLVE, and Glory Pro. He’s been a dominant force throughout the world, from Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) to Beyond Wrestling, throughout the UK with the likes of Fight Club: PRO, PROGRESS Wrestling, and others.


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