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Every Talent WWE Released In 2019: Where Are They Now? (Part 3)

Bradley Cassidy rounds up his look at WWE’s releases in 2019, and tells where they are right now.

Every year in WWE the list of wrestlers being wished well on their future endeavours seems extensive.

It could fall under wellness violations, talent not being used properly or even talent being requested to be released due to a fallout with the company/any other reason. As mainstream WWE fans it can be sad to see, but for independent fans it gives them a chance to see where each wrestler goes and what happens to them after they have graced our mainstream screens on USA TV (or Fox if it happens to be a Smackdown Live talent).

We conclude our list with a bunch of talent that had requested their release earlier in 2019, but had to wait until the final month to be granted their request…

September 1st – Kacy Catanzaro

Kacy Catanzaro started her career on reality TV becoming the first woman to qualify for the finals of America’s Top Warrior and was a former NCAA Gymnast. She has since made very sporadic appearances as part of NXT and NXT UK wrestling future stars like Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley. Her most famous appearances with the company probably come in the form of the Mae Young Classic in 2018 where she reached the second round. There is currently no word yet where Kacy will appear following her release with WWE. 

October 15th – Eric Bischoff

Former booker of WCW and Raw General Manager (between 2002 – 2005) Eric Bischoff was asked to return to WWE in June 2019 to act as the executive director of Smackdown prior to its air date on Fox on October 4th 2019. Only a few short months later on October 15th he was released to be replaced by Bruce Prichard. Bischoff has since not returned to wrestling in any capacity and hasn’t been seen since this brief return with WWE. This return by all accounts didn’t end the way anyone thought it would. 

November 21st – Jordan Myles

Jordan Myles started his career wrestling for companies such as ROH (Ring Of Honor) as ACH and NJPW as Tiger The Dark. His career highlights to date before signing with WWE include AAW Heavyweight Champion and an EVOLVE Tag Team Champion with Ethan Page. 

Starting his career with WWE on February 11th 2019, he would go onto win the NXT Breakout Tournament on July 10th 2019 and was looking prime to be a success within the company. Sadly in October Jordan received a T-Shirt which allegedly featured depictions of blackface as part of the logo design. He would go onto post a series of tweets accusing WWE and ROH of racism and calling professional wrestler Jay Lethal “uncle Tom”. Jordan Myles then as ACH on November 13th would post a profanity-laden video claiming that “Jordan Myles” was his slave name and that he wouldn’t be working for WWE since this point. 

Since this point ACH has appeared with promotions such as AAW (All American Wrestling) and MLW (Major League Wrestling). ACH has since quit MLW and AAW and since 8th December 2019 has announced he is quitting wrestling altogether. 

December 8th – Sin Cara

Sin Cara made his name in AAA and CHIKARA as Mystico and Incognito respectively where he would go onto most famously winning the CHIKARA King Of Trios tournament (2008) with El Pantera and Lince Dorado. His original run with WWE saw him start with Hunico to create a team called Hunico and Camacho, before taking over the role of Sin Cara (originally Mistico and Caristico) due to the original Sin Cara serving a 30-day suspension for a wellness violation. This led to one of the most famous Lucha matches in WWE as Sin Cara Negro (this Sin Cara) vs Sin Cara Azul (WWE’s original Sin Cara) at Hell In A Cell 2011. 

Sin Cara would go back to being Hunico before a return of the character following the release of the original Sin Cara in 2011. This was where he found his second most famous period teaming with Kalisto upon his debut in 2013 to form The Lucha Dragons  (who won the NXT Tag Team Championships). Sadly following the 2016 WWE Draft where both wrestlers were separated to different brands Sin Cara was later brought onto be a jobber, in dark matches or regularly appearing on Main Event. He had a brief rivalry with Baron Corbin for the United States Championship in 2017 (after being moved again to Smackdown as part of the Superstar Shakeup) and had one final rivalry with Andrade on Raw this year but sadly got cut during the middle of this rivalry. 

Following a request for his release on November 11th, Sin Cara was finally released December 8th. As of writing this, he has since appeared for AAA on their Guerra de Titanes show protecting Pagano from an attack. Wrestling as Sin Cara he has stated he will be returning to that promotion in 2020. 

December 8th – Luke Harper

Prior to joining WWE Luke Harper made his name as an independent wrestler named Brodie Lee wrestling for CZW, ROH and Dragon Gate. He also won Jersey All Pro Wrestling Tag Team (with Necro Butcher) and Heavyweight Championships. Within WWE he would make his name as part of the debuting Bray Wyatt’s faction The Wyatt Family teaming with tag team partner Erick Rowan. 

The group would win the NXT Tag Team Championships and WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships. What is also often forgotten was that Luke Harper was also a former Intercontinental Champion and was a rival with Erick Rowan in 2014 as he joined The Authority. Forever linked together in his time with WWE though, Harper made a tag team long after Bray Wyatt became a single star in The Bludgeon Brothers. This team lasted as far as this year’s Hell In A Cell before Erick Rowan was drafted to Raw and now focuses on a singles career. 

Luke Harper asked for his release in April 16th 2019 but was not granted it until December 8th. What is odd during this time was that whilst he was waiting for his release The Bludgeon Brothers regularly wrestled on TV reforming at Clash Of Champions 2019 for a brief one month run. It is not currently known where Luke Harper will appear following his time with WWE but due to a 90 day no-compete clause in his contract, it won’t be until March 2020 by the very earliest. 

December 8th – The Ascension

Book The Ascension

What may surprise some is the amount of time The Ascension wrestled prior to joining WWE. Konnor debuted in 2001 and wrestled very early for companies such as TNA, Four Star Championship Wrestling (FSCW) and CCW (Florida’s Coastal Championship Wrestling). Viktor appeared as far back as 1999 wrestling for Stampede Wrestling, NJPW (in 2003) and OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) in 2008. The group also didn’t start as a tag team but was a faction with Kenneth Cameron (better known as Bram in TNA), Tito Colon (Epico in WWE) and managers Raquel Diaz and Ricardo Rodriguez. 

The Ascension first appeared on WWE in 2013 however, wrestling as part of NXT where the team were incredibly dominant and won the NXT Tag Team Championship. The Ascension were looking incredibly powerful before they were scheduled to appear on the main roster in 2014. Arguably what slowed their push was a beat down by NWO, APA and The New Age Outlaws on January 19th 2015 (less than a month after their debut). After this point, The Ascension never really regained momentum tagging with Cody (who was Stardust at this point) to make The Cosmic Wasteland and beating up members of other teams. The team also regularly lost to rising teams such as The Vaudevillains, The Usos and Breezango seemingly making them lesser than their contemporaries. 

The team did appear on WWE regularly but only on the highlight show Main Event prior to them being released, the team had only appeared on main WWE programming twice in 2019 and hadn’t wrestled since April at all. Due to a non-compete clause, there’s no knowing where they will be going at this point but it is likely both Konnor and Viktor will carry on their singles careers.

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