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Fight Club Pro – Infinity 2019 Results

Matty Deller runs down the results from Fight Club Pro’s ‘Infinity 2019’ event.

It’s the dawning of a new age for Fight Club Pro, so who will walk out as their new world champion?

  • Infinity Tournament First Round: Dan Moloney defeated Eddie Kingston via pinfall. In a hard-hitting affair, Moloney bested Kingston with his ‘Drilla’ piledriver.
  • Infinity Tournament First Round: Jordan Devlin defeated Cara Noir via pinfall. In a back and forth battle, Jordan Devlin advanced to the finals after hitting Noir with the “Devlin-Side” ripcord side suplex.
  • Infinity Tournament First Round: Trent Seven defeated Joe Nelson via pinfall. After a spirited effort from young Nelson, Seven’s savvy won out, finishing him with an unexpected vertebreaker for the win.
  • Infinity Tournament First Round Scramble Match: Chuck Mambo defeated Clint Margera, Carlos Romo, Chief Deputy Dunne, Connor Mills and Orange Cassidy. via pinfall. Mambo got the win via hitting the “Chuck You” air raid crash for the win.
  • Travis Banks and Omari defeated Moonlight Express (MAO & Mike Bailey) via pinfall. Banks and Omari pick up the win when Travis Banks rolled up MAO.
  • Meiko Satomura defeated Millie McKenzie via pinfall. In a hard-hitting affair, Satomura bested her adversary with a death valley driver for the win.
  • Infinity Tournament Final, Fight Club Pro World Championship: Dan Moloney defeated Jordan Devlin, Chuck Mambo and Trent Seven to win the tournament and become the new Fight Club Pro Championship.
    • Chuck Mambo eliminated Jordan Devlin via pinfall with the “Chuck You” air raid crash.
    • Dan Moloney eliminated Mambo via pinfall with his “Drilla” piledriver.
    • Moloney eliminated Trent Seven via pinfall with the “Drilla” to win the title.
  • Post-match, Trent Seven cuts a promo endorsing Moloney as the new champion, as the Fight Club Pro roster applauds from the stage.


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