Collective – Don’t Think We’re In Chicago Anymore | October 10th 2020

Bringing Chicago to Indiana! Kylie Rae will defend her Freelance Wrestling Championship against Josh Alexander.

Isaias Velazquez defeated Lee Moriarty via Pinfall

Freelance began their show hot right off the bat. Moriarty and Velazquez put on a great match, Moriarty’s first for Freelance. Velazquez is not a new face to Freelance, he actually was the first Freelance Wrestling Champion. As I said during Spring Break, Moriarty is not one to sleep on. Velazquez also proved to be impressive during this match and was able to focus on the injured back of Moriarty.

Warhausen defeated Brothers of Funstruction via DQ; Brothers of Funstruction retain the Freelance Underground Tag Team Championships

Two interesting and fun tag teams thats for sure. The match began with a pose off and then the Brothers of Funstruction taking Warhorse’s nose! Soon after the fun ended and the match truly began. If you are wondering, yes Warhorse and Danhausen did get Tequila played and they did dance. A brilliant and fun tag team match, despite the DQ. Yes, the DQ did come from Warhorse getting hit with a cowbell.

Robert Anthony defeated Effy to become the new Freelance Legacy Champion

Frank the Clown, who has been a nuisance to Freelance for awhile, certainly helped Anthony in this one. The match began in a lockup, which Anthony had the upper hand in. Eventually Effy did get control, which almost caused Anthony to leave the match. Things got a tad sexual when Effy pulled down Anthony’s gear to reveal his underwear. Not long after Frank the Clown got involved when the ref’s back was turned. What became a competitive match, was ruined because of a clown’s presence.

At one point Frank the Clown got in the ring with clippers, which was meant to get rid of Effy’s moustache, but lets just say the Clown paid the price.

Scramble Match: Blake Christian was the winner after making Elayna Black tap out

Competitors in the match were Storm Grayson, Davey Bang, Alex Zayne, August Matthews, Blake Christian, and Elayna Black. Scramble matches are a Freelance staple and this was one of the best to watch. Each competitor got their chance to shine and show what they can do. These are names you’ll want to remember because I am sure you’ll be seeing them again soon. Blake Christian and Elayna Black actually began the match and right from the get go, the action was fast and furious.

Laynie Luck defeated Faye Jackson to retain the Freelance Underground Independent Championship

A twerk contest and a unicorn party, this match had it all. It honestly was a hell of a match that these two put together. Hard hitting and competitive. Also a wonderful Freelance Wrestling debut for Faye, which I expect won’t be the last appearance for her.

Shane Mercer defeated Colby Corino and Ethan Page

Page tried to get the upper hand early in the match, but that definitely didn’t work out. Mercer really wound up showing off his strength in this triple threat.

Kylie Rae defeated Josh Alexander to retain the Freelance World Championship

While the match Alexander is from Canada, Kylie brought a peace offering of the closest thing one can get to Timbits in America, Muchkins! Alexander didn’t appreciate it and tossed the donuts away (rude)! Later on in the match, Kylie put on head gear just like Alexander in an effort to, well even up the score with Alexander. Unfortunately, Alexander still just overpowered Kylie, taking aim at her ankle and at one point also targeting her back. Kylie though doesn’t give up and found a way to make Alexander submit! It was a war between the two!

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