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Five Feuds That Are Destined To ‘Fight Forever’

With Kofi Kingston return to his long-running fued with Randy Orton, Beth Wood looks at five feuds that are seemingly destined to fight forever.

WWE are no strangers to prolonging feuds for months, or even years – I mean, look how long the likes of Kane vs. Undertaker and Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan lasted.

However whilst these and other long storylines from our past were iconic to WWE’s history, there were lots that ended up boring many viewers, and ate up too much of the TV time. Looking into the present day, there are so many wrestlers who need the TV time, that many feuds end up feeling either rushed, random, or stagnated, to the point where many are just dropped with no explanation.

With this in mind, today we are looking at five feuds that seem to have lasted forever, and whilst some of these have been dropped, and restarted several times – we don’t see them ending anytime soon.

1. Charlotte vs Natalya

The house of Flair, and the house of Hart – the primary catalyst as to why Charlotte and Natalya seem to be pitted against each other time and time again. With both having multiple women’s championship reigns, and years of experience each, it’s easy to see why WWE would capitalise on this. With feuds having included cameos from various members of the Flair and Hart families, it’s an easy way for the feud to come back to enlighten both the new and the nostalgic viewers. Moreover, their high flying and submission talents always guarantee a decent match. I suspect that wherever their paths go, there will always be a way for them to come back together.

2. Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler

Two of the best intercontinental champions on our current roster, Ziggler and Kingston always seem to find each other. With Kofi’s gleaming baby-face persona and Ziggler’s bitterness, them being in a feud makes a lot of sense. Both are great brawlers and high flyers, which means that whilst WWE writers don’t necessarily need to put as much effort into their storylines, they always deliver a decent performance. They aren’t put together to be headliners, but they could well be in the future.

3. Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa

Perhaps the greatest feud that has come from the 21st century, it’s clear to any NXT fan that Gargano and Ciampa are just toxic for each other. However, we cheer for them when they’re teamed up together, and we cheer when they’re fighting against each other. When they are allied with one another, we all have these thoughts in the back of our minds – “Who is going to turn against who?”.

The fact that they have produced several 5-star matches (according to Wrestler Observer Newsletter) and have had their shows sold out when they’re headlining PPV’s, should tell WWE not to break these two apart for a long while yet.

4. Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe

With the two having huge fan followings, and years of experience outside of the WWE universe, the unique styles of Balor and Joe regularly end up battling each other in feuds that span months at a time. With their first feud emerging in NXT, since then Balor and Joe have fought for NXT Championships, Intercontinental Championships and the Universal Championship.

Balor is always shown to be the underdog as Joe is portrayed as the big heel beast, who will do anything to destroy the demon. Wherever injuries have happened, or their paths have changed over the last few years, they’ve always found their way back to each other, and we suspect this will continue for ages to come.

5. Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

Having some of the best back and forths I can remember, Zayn and Owens exhume charisma, comedy, and great beef – and like Ciampa and Gargano, they make for a great team and even better enemies. Having had blood feuds over the years that have resulted in some of the best wrestling on the main roster this decade, it’s no wonder that they’ve received some of the best audience reactions in recent memory.

With the first betrayal between the two happening back in NXT’s early days, and their real-life friendship spanning from their childhood, it’s no wonder they’ve been pitted against one another over and over again. Both their finishers are impactful, and their matches always leave the crowd in suspense. There’s never any telling where their partnership will end next, but we know that their feud will be remembered, and perhaps continued for decades to come.

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