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Five Great Teams Guerrilas Of Destiny Could Face in Ring Of Honor

The lights were on in Madison Square Garden as NJPW stars and reigning IWGP Tag Team Champions The Guerrillas of Destiny, added some more gold to their resume with the ROH Tag Team titles.

While they did technically sell out MSG, there is no doubt that ROH needs momentum desperately and putting their tag belts on a popular New Japan team will undoubtedly help. Now they need to capitalize on this by matching them up with the right guys. Here are five tag teams that I would love to see face Guerrillas of Destiny in Ring of Honor.

1. Villain Enterprises

At G1 Supercard in Madison Square Garden, G.O.D. acquired the belts in a crazy four-way tag team match. Of those four teams, Villain Enterprises stuck out as a duo that seems like a great matchup for the Bullet Club members. PCO and Brody King are one of the most legitimately terrifying acts in wrestling, so they obviously line up well against a unique act like Guerrillas of Destiny. Also, PCO has no choice but to get revenge on them for the brutal powerbomb to the outside that he received. I expect to see Villain Enterprises get an opportunity to bring the ROH titles back to their home territory in the near future.

2. Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal

Recently former world champion Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham have formed an alliance, defeating top tag teams already. Seeing G.O.D. mix it up with someone of Lethal’s star power and Gresham’s technical ability sounds like a treat, and would be a unique match up that ROH could provide. This puts Lethal in a fresh role outside of the main title picture, which he has become stale in over the years, and gives Gresham more opportunities at locking up with top talent like G.O.D.

3. Coast 2 Coast

If you don’t follow ROH, you probably are not familiar with Shaheem Ali and LSG of Coast 2 Coast. I was in the same boat until I attended an ROH event live in Houston, Texas. The two captured the crowd with a fun match against Cheeseburger and Eli Isom, leaving me wanting more from the team. Now would be the perfect opportunity to give the up and coming duo a spotlight against one of the more popular NJPW acts for ROH gold. Obviously, I wouldn’t expect a victory here for the less known team, but it would be a great chance to showcase two talented guys that haven’t gotten their big break yet.

4. Lifeblood

This is more of a stable than a tag team but the group has so much talent that you really can’t go wrong here. Any combination of Juice Robinson, Tracy Williams, Mark Haskins, and Bandido is more than capable of putting on a phenomenal match against G.O.D. Unfortunately, David Finlay misses out on the fun here with his injury, but depending on how long G.O.D. holds the belts, he may be able to help take them away when he returns. Recently it has been the lesser known Tracy Williams and Mark Haskins being the tag team of choice for the stable, so it is likely that we will see them challenge for ROH Tag Team Gold soon.

5. nZo and CazXl

Some readers may completely stop reading at this point but please allow me to defend my case. Two of the most polarizing workers in the business, formerly known as Enzo Amore and Big Cass, made their debut at G1 Supercard following the Tag Team Championship match. The WWE veterans appeared in a worked shoot angle attacking ROH roster members such as The Briscoes, to nuclear heat. Tama Tonga would take to Twitter to poke fun at ROH’s booking flaws, pointing this out as a classic example of what is wrong with the company. Say what you will about the controversial duo, but they possess something that ROH has been lacking for their entire existence, character work. Many of ROH’s stars of the past have lacked the charisma to really connect with the crowd, leaving the product lifeless and uninteresting. The addition of nZo and CazXl will add some major heel heat and hopefully some interesting storylines to lead the way for ROH television. While they aren’t known for their ring work, they are perfectly serviceable, and can certainly produce a pleasing match with a great team like G.O.D.

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