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Five Hopes For Survivor Series

Ahead of WWE Survivor Series, Quinn Smith gives us his five hopes on what could happen at the event.

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Survivor Series is less than a week away, and with that comes excitement for a weekend full of wrestling, with NXTTakeover: WarGames expected to be THE highlight of the weekend, there’s no real reason to have any “hopes” for the show. Only hope I could think would be to not out-do the main roster too much.  However, the matches planned (so far) for the main show are exciting and enticing. With that said, here are five hopes I have for Survivor Series:

(Edit: I had to redo the list because Daniel Bryan decided turn into the American Dragon and stomp AJ Styles’ life into oblivion, thus rending one of my choices OBSOLETE)


Number 5: Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali get to have a lengthy match

205 live happens to have some have the most fantastic wrestling WWE has to offer, yet it’s overshadowed due to it’s poor booking, mainly with its scheduling of the show itself. It’s found it’s new home on the WWE Network, and you should definitely go check it out. Having said that, there are two reasons to be invested in this match.

1. Buddy Murphy’s resurgence in WWE. From being in a tag-team in NXT to almost being written off, only to come make a statement in 205 and become one of WWE’s best wrestlers they have. He’s an excellent story of someone who battled from the ground up and only to win a championship in his hometown at WWE SuperShow-Down.

2. Mustafa Ali IS WWE 205. This man embodies this division. There’s no one that is more proud of being a member on 205 live and is willing to bring that roster and show on to a new level. Much like current and former superstars on NXT want to bring it to another level, Ali and company are ensuring that 205 Live is on the map as a legitimate show and not an after-thought. He’s had plenty of great matches to prove his dedication to wrestling itself, as well as putting the best work on a WWE show.

This match has potential to be match of the night and I genuinely hope that it opens the show to set the tone for the rest of the card to fill their shoes.


Number 4: NXT Invasion

As much as I’d want this to happen, the likelihood is very low. The time to do this would’ve been planned last couple of months and begin the invasion angle of NXT on the main roster. Having a three-way traditional match would add in a new element with the third team, and on top of that, it’s more exposure for NXT and the talent that comes from the brand to even the most casual of fans.

One way for this to work would be to have a debut, much like how Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns debuted and powerbombed Ryback during his match. It was a shocking debut and I believe one group that would/needs to “shock the system” would be Undisputed Era. They could interfere in the tag-team elimination match, laying waste to all the teams OR have them interfere towards the end of the match. Whichever team they cost, that show will be gaining a significant upgrade in talent both on the tag-team level as well as individual star-status.


Number 3: Bray Wyatt returns

Bray Wyatt as been off of WWE television for over a month, and that’s far too long for someone that’s not injured. Ever since Matt Hardy declared his retirement, Bray Wyatt slithered into the black Abyss and while tweeting some very cryptic tweets this past Monday (repeatedly using the number four in context), the idea of Bray Wyatt returning, and helping Braun Strowman is not only exciting but it’s familiar.

There was a time when Strowman was introduced as the 4th member of the Wyatt family, the two have history and they share a strong connection outside of the squared circle. Teaming with Strowman and eventually reuniting The Wyatt Family and have them as a proper dominant faction is something I am all for and should’ve happened 5 years ago (but that’s for another article).

That would be one way, but another would be to make the jump to Smackdown and become a part of SAnitY. I don’t for-see that happening because I find Bray more of an “apocalyptic” like character while SAnitY is much more of a “Purge” like team.


Number 2:  Clean Smackdown Sweep

Listen, I hope for this because I am a man that has always loved Smackdown over Raw, for as long as it’s been on television. I was the Smackdown fan during the time that all my friends were team Raw and I remember how excited I was when Randy Orton won it for Team Smackdown.

Smackdown is the superior show. There’s no denying this and there’s zero argument that can be made that Raw is the better show. “BuT iTs BeEn On LoNgEr” is the weakest argument and holds zero merit when comparing the two. Smackdown has the better roster, better storyline, it’s not three damn hours long and it’s represented by my favourite colour (yes that’s a factor). It’s the A-show and if you haven’t been able to tell, or have been under a rock the last couple of months, it has THE MAN representing the blue brand.


I don’t see any reasoning this can’t happen, and especially with Daniel Bryan as our new (HEEL OH BABY YES) WWE Champion. And with this, brings us to our number 1 which is…..

Number 1: Daniel Bryan kills Brock Lesnar

Ok, obviously not actually kill him because this is professional wrestling and not The Walking Dead but Bryan’s new attitude and killer instinct is something Brock Lesnar has never faced. Since he’s returned, he’s also never faced someone that can out-submission him and have someone that can deliver stiffer blows than him. Daniel Bryan is on another level. This is The American Dragon Daniel Bryan; this isn’t the happy “yes” man that was once loved by all but how can you not like having a new, violent Daniel Bryan. Yes, his head obvious concern and I don’t want him taking german suplexes on the top of his head like those poor Singh brothers.

I for one am excited and hopeful Daniel Bryan kicked Brock Lesnar’s head in. I have no hate or ill feelings towards Lesnar, I just think this is such a fresh match up that there’s so many new possibilities to be had. I’d love for Bryan to make Lesnar tap via YES lock, Heel lock (because he’s a heel you see) or even bust out Cattle Mutilation. I’d love for Bryan to repeatedly stomp Brock Lesnar’s head while holding his arms, and doing so much of it that the ref calls for the bell. Could you imagine how incredible of a scene that would be? Picture this:

Daniel Bryan hit’s the running knee on Brock Lesnar not once, not twice, but three (!!!) times (because Lesnar can’t just sell a move just once). Lesnar is lying motionless, and Bryan is looking around to everyone and then down to Lesnar as he notices Lesnar just beginning to slowly start moving. With disgust in his eyes, he grabs Lesnar’s arms and repeatedly starts to stomp Brock Lesnar in this face and head. Bryan is doing this for almost a straight 30 seconds until Lesnar appears to be TKO’d and the ref calls for the bell, awarding Bryan the win due to Lesnar not being able to compete.

It’s a far-out thought but it’s not something that couldn’t be conjured up. Bryan has been in the past and is capable of being a relentless, violent, no-f**** given STIFF wrestler. This would be as memorable or even more memorable than Goldberg dominating Lesnar at 2016’s Survivor Series.



All of these are going to happen.
I am a modern-day Nostradamus.

There’s zero reason to argue me on this because I am right and you are wrong….Just kidding. Kinda.


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