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    Five More Matches You Can Watch For Free

    COVID-19 (yes, we are going on about it again) has affected us all.

    We are stuck in our homes with mountains of toilet roll and alcohol. You have run through your entire Netflix library and the WWE Network is down again. What to do? Last year, we ran an article about free matches from around the world (which you can read here) and with the current climate we thought here at our remote TWM Towers it would be a perfect time to provide you with some more of that fantastic content that we all love.

    Before we start though, I would like to give a shout out to all the companies who have recently uploaded full shows completely free of charge. This includes WrestleTalk’s No Fan’s Monday and Attack Pro Wrestling’s Road To Sacrifice from Cardiff. They’re all plenty of companies that have done this, so always keep an eye out.

    NXT North American Title: WALTER vs Adam Cole – EVOLVE 107

    Starting off with a precursor to the Undisputed Era vs Imperium feud in NXT. EVOLVE have made the promise of uploading a unique match every day or two and they’ve uploaded some absolute bangers so far but this for me is a highlight. This harks back to a time when WALTER was still seen as an unstoppable brute on the indies and Adam Cole acting as a returning hero. We get Cole trying his best to try some underhanded tactics to gain an advantage but the undeniable mix of strength and speed that WALTER processes shines through.

    A slight injury angle during the match to a certain Austrian’s wrist against the ring-post adds an extra bit of spice to the contest, and the mix of Cole’s quick offence to the colossal attacks of WALTER make this a fantastic contest, with Cole showing some brutal attacks of his own in the end to retain the North American title.

    Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate – ATTACK! Press Start 5

    It wouldn’t truly be one of my lists if I didn’t include a match from my favourite promotion, with one of the best matches I have witnessed live. Coming a week after their match of the year at NXT TakeOver Chicago, these two met in a rematch for the ages, but with a slight twist…

    Now I’ve heard people discuss this match in front of me, not thinking it actually happened, but I always assured them that it did, and here is the proof. When two wrestlers know each other as well as these two, magic can happen, and the fact that they were able to pull off wrestling as each other, down to the tiniest of mannerisms is unbelievable. Both well able to pull off one another’s moves with precision and finesse, exactly what you would expect from two of the best wrestlers the UK has produced. A very even match with comedic value as well throughout, this ended in a no-contest due to the interference of a familiar faction with a new-look. Really, could it have ended any other way?

    RUSH vs Bandido – ROH 17th Anniversary Show

    Now I didn’t think I’d spend my time writing about Ring of Honor in this article, but that’s when I forgot about a particularly high flying, immensely popular luchador by the name of Bandido wrestling for the complete.

    Throw him in the ring with other, highly trained wrestlers and his matches are unbelievable. What we have here are two different worlds of Lucha Libre meeting for the first time. The previously mentioned high-flying style of Bandido versa the brass, in-your-face brawling of Rush makes for a well-paced contest. Highlights include a perfectly timed Mexico City Destroyer from Rush and many a top rope and over the top rope moves from Bandido.
    If you have never invested your time into watching Lucha Libre then this can act as a great gateway match. Enough of an American style mixed in yet the roots are still firmly cemented in Mexican tradition.

    Orange Cassidy vs Kylie Rae – Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory

    Beyond Wrestling have had a weekly television available to the public for some time, and one aspect that they have been amazing at promoting is their intergender contests. I first came across this match late last year and I loved it so much that I immediately watched it back. Early this year, Orange Cassidy showed his true worth against PAC, yet here he shows that he’s been able to have quality matches with anyone for years. Kylie Rae also shows what AEW have missed in not being able to keep her as she just oozes star quality.

    The match starts out just as you would think, with both wrestlers’ gimmicks taking the front seat. OC’s laid back, no cares given approach to Kylie Rae’s overly positive demeanour lead to an interesting and compelling opening, but the match soon breaks down into a showcase of their pure wrestling talents. This is another great gateway into the style of the world of Beyond. Be careful, as you may feel like you’re falling down a rabbit hole once you start.

    Kyle Fletcher vs Jordan Devlin – PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 2019

    Thank you PROGRESS for making finishing this article so easy. With both of these men, I can simply say I have never seen either of them have a bad match. We have one-half of one of the best tag teams currently around in Kyle Fletcher (who is just as great in singles action as well) facing off against the Irish Ace, current NXT Cruiserweight Champion and one of the best wrestlers of 2020 so far, Jordan Devlin. This isn’t the first time these two have faced off, so much that there is another free match from RIPTIDE that contain these two facing off.

    As great as the wrestling ability these two possess, this is a hard-hitting contest. Showing off the best of each other’s ability, they leave nothing in the ring. From some technical skills at the beginning to the match breaking down into a slugfest, the crowd were hyped and at the same time worn out by the end of this match. When you’ve got someone hitting a picture-perfect 450 splash around 4 minutes into a match, you know you’re in for something special. To think about how young both of these guys still are, it’s amazing to think where both careers will end up in the next 5 years.

    So, there we are. During this troubling time, we have 5 matches for you to sink your teeth into while faced with the reality of the 4 walls of your own humble abode. Have any more matches that others can access free other the internet. Let us and everyone else know on twitter. Let’s share the love!

    Stay safe. Watch free Wrestling.

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