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Five Most Intriguing All Elite Wrestling Signings

All Elite Wrestling has been one of the hottest topics in the wrestling world for quite some time now.

The excitement has been palpable since it was officially announced on January 1st, which is impressive for a major promotion whose first show isn’t even until May.

Talks of worth-while contracts are sure to draw interest from wrestlers all across the independent scene and even those in WWE whose contracts are up this year. Some big names have already been signed by the promotion, adding even more anticipation for what it is capable of.

I’d like to talk about five wrestlers currently signed to AEW that I personally think are some of the more intriguing acquisitions. Let’s get right into it!

1. Britt Baker

Starting off my list is the inaugural signee to the AEW women’s division, none other than Dr. Britt Baker.

She has wrestled for numerous promotions since her debut in 2015, such as International Wrestling Cartel, Absolute Intense Wrestling, RISE, Shimmer, Ring of Honor, WWE, and NXT.

To be one of the first wrestlers signed to AEW is already impressive to begin with, but to be the first women’s wrestler signed to the promotion is a pretty big deal. It’s also a testament to how talented she is inside the ring and how successful she’s been in such a short amount of time.

Am I a little biased because I absolutely love Britt? Probably, but she still deserves to be in this position regardless. I know she’ll do great and I cannot wait to see what she’s able to accomplish.

The rest of the women better watch out, because Dr. Baker is in and is looking to make her mark in AEW.

2. Jimmy Havoc

Up next is a man whose signing took many people by surprise, Jimmy Havoc.

He is best known for his time in Defiant Wrestling, Major League Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, and Progress Wrestling. He has held numerous titles in his career, including the Defiant and Progress Tag Team Championships as well as the Defiant Wrestling Hardcore Championship and Progress World Championships, which he has held longer than anyone in history.

Havoc is also known for being one of the best deathmatch wrestlers in the world. This vicious style of wrestling is what sets him apart from the rest of the crowd. The AEW roster should be on their toes, because you never know what he is going to do next.

Having a guy like Havoc in AEW gives them a hardcore edge and should help create some pretty entertaining matches in the future. Whoever has to face him at Double or Nothing better come prepared, because any opponent of England’s Most Dangerous Man is never quite the same afterwards.

3. Nyla Rose

Now we turn our focus back to the women’s division, and the imposing, Nyla Rose.

She made her debut back in 2013 and has wrestled for promotions such as Warriors of Wrestling, Covey Pro Wrestling, and Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling.

While she might not be as well-known as some of the other women on the roster, her signing is still a huge deal. She is a transgender woman, and is the first trans wrestler to be signed by a major promotion.

Recently, there has been more LGBTQ+ representation in professional wrestling, but maybe not as much as there could be. But with AEW signing Rose, it shows that they are inclusive and want to sign wrestlers regardless of their race, gender, sexuality, etc. I really hope this can help open the door for more talent like Rose in the future.

4. Sonny Kiss

Next up is the effervescent, Sonny Kiss.

He debuted in 2013 and is best known for his time with Lucha Underground, where he performed as XO Lishus. He has an extensive dance background which he incorporates into his in-ring style.

Much like the Nyla Rose signing, this one also proves AEW is not going to dance around the subject of LGBTQ+ representation. They want to sign talented performers to their roster, plain and simple. Kiss has the talent, confidence, and charisma reminiscent of the Velveteen Dream, which is going to keep fans engaged and interested regardless of what he’s doing.

The Double or Nothing press conference was the perfect example of this; he went out, commanded the stage, and made sure the crowd knew he was out there to make a statement. Come May 25th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Kiss will get to show the world what he’s capable of.

5. Aja Kong

Last, but certainly not least, we have a living legend in every sense of the word, Aja Kong.

Since her debut in 1986, she has wrestled all over the world for promotions like All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling, GAEA Japan, WWF, and Shimmer. She is considered one of the best joshi wrestlers in the world, and is a dream opponent for many women’s wrestlers.

Adding her to the roster is huge for AEW. She brings a ton of skill and experience to the table, and proves that the promotion is capable of making big moves to bring talent in. She doesn’t even have a scheduled match at Double or Nothing yet, but many are already eagerly waiting in anticipation to see who she faces in Las Vegas.

With AEW being able to sign Kong, the possibilities are almost endless. Could we possibly see someone like Meiko Satomura being added to the roster down the line? Who knows, but for now, it’s already exciting knowing that we’ll get to see another Japanese legend perform in just a few short months.

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