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Five Phenomenal British Female Talents To Look Out For

Daniel Leggett gives us five top female prospects in British wrestling today.

Women’s wrestling in the United Kingdom has been enjoying a boom recently and has seen a lot of female talents gain the recognition they deserve.

They have either ended up appearing on the WWE Network regularly or appearing for promotions all over the world.

Join me as we take a look at the next generation of female talents, who are starting to make a name for themselves and before long will find themselves appearing in pivotal roles for promotions around the world.

For this article, I have chosen talent with the rules that they have either only appeared on the WWE Network in a minor role and have rarely appeared outside the UK or Japan.

5. Bobbi Tyler

The first name on the list is a female talent, who a majority of British Wrestling fans may know but she is someone who in the coming years will become a household name around the UK.

Currently a regular name for STARDOM in Japan, Bobbi Tyler has also been a regular name for promotions such as IPW, UPW, Revolution Pro, and HOPE. She is currently the House of Glory Women’s Champion and a 2x IPW Women’s Champion.

Bobbi Tyler has the potential to be regarded as a top level talent across the UK and eventually around the world. She has had great matches against the likes of other UK talent, Zoe Lucas and Jamie Hayter in Revolution Pro and has shown that she can handle herself against male competitors when she faced The OJMO in Strike wrestling. If Bobbi is given the chance to prove herself in the UK’s biggest promotions she is sure to deliver and will put on a great show.

4. Chakara

The second name on the list is a talent that fans of Progress Wrestling will be familiar with. Chakara is a London based talent who, in her short carer, has already performed at Alexandra Palace for Progress Wrestling and proved that she can deliver in big show environments.

Chakara is currently a regular for promotions such as Tidal Championship Wrestling, Riptide Wrestling and Kamikaze Pro. She is, as of writing, the current Kamikaze Pro Fighting Females Champion and a former Tidal Women’s Champion.

Chakara is possibly best known for her run in Progress Wrestling as part of the ‘House Of Couture’ alongside Nina Samuels and Jinny, in Progress Wrestling last year. After the group disbanded, Chakara unfortunately featured less regularly but has been announced for an upcoming one-day ‘Revelations Of Divine Love’ tournament.

In Riptide Wrestling however Chakara has had a bigger role to play forming a tag team, with former Swords Of Essex member Paul Robinson, against Jimmy and Jinny Havoc. Through the tag team, Chakara has managed to bring out a nastier side, with Paul seemingly taking a mentor role. Learning from someone like Paul Robinson is sure to help Chakara grow and begin to stand out as a top female talent around the country and someone to really keep an eye on.

3. Dani Luna

The only name in this list who has appeared on the WWE Network but as she has only appeared twice in squash matches and is still making a name for herself, I feel that she should be included.

Dani Luna has been wrestling since 2016 for promotions such as Ironfist and Dragon Pro Wrestling. In 2019 Dani Luna managed to find herself enjoying a breakout year. In 2019 alone she has managed to wrestle for Attack, Progress, NXT UK, and Schadenfreude & Friends to name just a few. In each of the named promotions Dani has been placed in a matches against some of the promotions top stars female and male. These matches have led to a lot of people talking about her as she has proven she can put on great matches with anyone.

Keep and eye out for Dani Luna as 2020 will be her year. If she keeps to her current trajectory then she looks set to be wrestling amongst the very top around the whole world, proving why she deserves to be there.

2. Charli Evans

Although she was not born in the UK, since moving to the UK and making it home she has earned the right to be considered an adopted daughter of the UK scene and therefore eligible for this list. Born in New South Wales, Australia, Charli moved to the UK in 2017 to continue her dream of being a professional wrestler.

Charlie makes regular appearances for promotions such as Fight Club Pro, Pro Wrestling EVE  and Sendai Girls in Japan where she is the current Sendai Girls Tag Champion alongside Millie McKenzie. She has also wrestled for SHIMMER and RISE in America.

Since moving to the UK Charli has become somebody who most British Wrestling fans are aware of. She is just one meaningful run away from being known as a top talent in the UK and is certainly somebody to look out for.

1. Skye Smitson

The last name on this list is a talent who is possibly the least known of the entire list. She has been wrestling mainly on the south coast with the occasional trip further north with promotions such as British Empire Wrestling. She has made the occasional appearance for Pro Wrestling:EVE but usually only to put someone over.

Whilst wrestling on the south coast she has usually wrestled as a heel and has always done a great job of getting a decent amount of heat from the audience. Whilst working as a heel though, she has usually managed to impress with her in-ring ability and hard-hitting style.

She is currently making regular appearances for British Empire Wrestling, Ultimate Pro Wrestling and Charity Wrestling Promotion along the south coast.

Although she is a wildcard to this list she is somebody I believe that given a run with bigger promotions, has the ability and character to stand out and become a reliable and talented member of any female roster.

Female wrestling in the UK already has great depth. Female talent are always putting on great matches against females and males in promotions around the country. These are just a few names I feel you should keep an eye out for but I also want to know, who do you think we should keep an eye out for as the next generation of female talent.

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