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Five Potential Opponents For Pete Dunne’s PROGRESS Return

Daniel Leggett predicts five potential opponents for Pete Dunne’s return to PROGRESS Wrestling in Alexandra Palace on September 15th.

Earlier this month, Progress Wrestling announced that “The Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne, will be wrestling at their marquee show in Alexandra Palace, Chapter 95: Still Chasing, on Sunday September 15th, 2019.

The big question that’s currently on everyone’s mind is who will be facing Pete Dunne? He’s one of the stalwarts from the promotion having debuted in the Natural Progression Series at Chapter 13. In this article, I’m going to take a look at 5 possible Progress wrestlers who Pete could wrestle at Alexandra Palace.

5. Paul Robinson

The first name on this list is the wrestler who’s been with PROGRESS Wrestling, for longer than Pete has, in fact since Chapter 3 and somebody who could use this match to prove that he is no longer underrated by PROGRESS management. After one final run as one-half of the Swords of Essex tag team with Will Ospreay, Paul Robinson has been having some top notch single matches that have led to a recent title shot against WALTER in Toronto Canada. Although he came up short there, he has been successful in the famed walls of Ally Pally. He made good headway in the Super Strong Style tournament, only losing to WWE talent Kyle O’Reilly. He also beat Jimmy Havoc in what was a brutal deathmatch that signalled the end of Jimmy’s time with PROGRESS.

Those recent single matches have all been top-level and have proved that currently he’s been very underrated. Paul’s character has also recently evolved into becoming Mr PROGRESS (when he’s not being Johnny Swayze) and Paul sees himself as being truly independent. The man affectionately known as Dobby would be an excellent choice for the match and I’m sure the match would be a show-stealer. Plus it would be good to see a friend of TWM do battle with one of the best recent exports from these shores.

4. Chris Brookes

Chris Brookes is on this list because he is someone I believe is just one victory away from reaching the top echelon of Progress Wrestling. Chris has recently returned from wrestling for DDT in Japan and thanks to some GIFs of his matches being posted on social media, his name value has increased and is now known worldwide for having creative and fun matches. Closer to home, he has been instrumental in both Attack! Pro Wrestling and the recent Schadenfreude and Friends show.

Previous to this, Chris Brookes made a name for himself by having great matches in promotions such as PROGRESS, Fight Club Pro and Revolution Pro, usually in a tag team alongside Kid Lykos or Jonathan Gresham. As a singles wrestler, Chris has had some success being a former FCP Champion and former wXw Shotgun Champion, [Editor’s note: plus he’s easily in the top-three of good-looking guys in BritWres]. In PROGRESS however, Chris has always come up short as a singles star, most noticeably losing in the first round of 2018 & 2019’s Super Strong Style Tournaments. A big win over Pete Dunne at Alexandra Palace would cement Chris as a Main Event wrestler in Progress Wrestling and could lead towards a future Unified Title shot – his opponent should that be the case is still to be decided

3. Jordan Devlin

The “Irish Ace” is the third man on the list and a wrestler that could provide a clear “Match Of The Year” candidate against Pete Dunne. Last year he had an outstanding match with Will Ospreay and showed supreme tekkers in the SSS16 tournament.

He has had a very hot streak recently in PROGRESS winning 7 of 9 singles matches this year. Those two loses being against David Starr, in the final SSS16 2019, and against Ilja Draganov, in a number one contenders match. When the pressure is off Devlin always manages to come up with the win and if he manages to break the curse this could be the win that leads to a very big year for Jordan Devlin.

Jordan also has links with Pete Dunne by the fact the two of them both wrestle for WWE’s UK developmental, NXT UK. This would mean that WWE could keep the match in-house without having to worry about either having to fight anybody who is currently non-contracted at the time – if the rumour mill regarding this is to be believed. Because of this link Jordan Devlin has history against Pete Dunne, most notably losing in a WWE UK Championship match and would therefore be looking to avenge the loss at the biggest show possible.

2. A-Kid

This may seem like a strange name to include on this list as he hasn’t actually wrestled many times for PROGRESS and doesn’t have the biggest name value for himself but there are many reasons as to why A-Kid should be wrestling Pete Dunne. A-Kid is someone who has made a name for himself wrestling in Spain for Whitewolf before branching out to the UK and wrestling for promotions such as Fight Club Pro, ATTACK, Revolution Pro amongst others. He has had 2 main card chapter matches in PROGRESS and would therefore be classed as relatively unknown to the Ultras but he has proven that given the chance, he can have world class matches alongside the world’s best wrestlers.

Last year he managed to prove that by having a match rated 5 stars in the wrestling observer by Dave Meltzer himself – if one man’s subjective opinion is enough to go by. The match in question was against current NJPW’s, and PROGRESS original, Zack Sabre Jr. He also recently had a match against Pete Dunne himself that had the internet raving about. If A-Kid was chosen, he would be able to put on a match that could easily steal the show and would then be able to use the momentum of a such a big match to become a launching pad into more matches with the Camden based promotion.

1. Mark Davis

The final name on the list is there mostly because of some fantasy booking by myself. Aussie Open (Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher) recently lost their Tag Team Championships to the Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake) and have now found themselves in a crossroad situation where the future is uncertain. Mark Davis’s matches as part of Aussie Open in PROGRESS have usually always stolen the show and as a singles wrestler he’s already shown he can hold his own when he won the Natural Progression Series in 2018.

If there was a need for Jim (for now), Jon and Glen to build a new monster heel, then one decision they could decide to take would be to turn Dunkzilla against his long-time partner Kyle Fletcher. This could then lead to Davis wanting to prove himself against the best in the world and giving us an easy face/heel divide with a match against Pete Dunne at Chapter 95. If management then decided to give Mark the win it would mean they would have a top level heel, full of momentum going forward and long term booking could lead the story paying off against Kyle Fletcher further down the road.

Every name on this list would lead to a match that would be worthy of any stage and would be a great choice I’m sure. There are of course other names out there that aren’t included in this list.

For example, if PROGRESS wanted to go for building a younger wrestler then they could go for names like, Connor Mills, The OJMO, Chuck Mambo or Spike Trivet. Whoever faces Pete Dunne at Chapter 95 is set to face a man who helped build British Wrestling and could leave Alexandra Palace as the man who carries the metaphorical torch, leading the way for the new wave of BritWres talent. Regardless of who Petah faces, we are all set for a treat.

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