Five Reasons Why CompTIA A+ is Great for Your IT Career

As you may know, the competition for jobs is fierce. And once you get hired, you then have to begin an endless struggle to maximize your earning potential. Therefore, how do you get ahead and stay ahead? One good way is to constantly improve on your skills and earn certifications in related knowledge area. That’s the fundamental reason why you should consider achieving the CompTIA A+ designation.

Here are five specific ways in which a CompTIA A+ certification can help you boost your career possibilities as an IT specialist.

  1. You stand a higher chance of getting hired.

Most recruiters believe IT certifications help to ascertain the credibility of candidates. The thing is, hiring managers don’t want to go through the stressful process of sieving through tons of resumés and conducting series of interview processes only to end up with an incompetent employee. So, in their experience, certified candidates are usually more competent than their uncertified contemporaries. All evidence goes to show that getting certified increases your chances of getting hired for your high-paying dream job.

  • It opens doors for more professional options.

The CompTIA A+ ExamSnap A+ Practice Test certification is a prestigious, vendor-neutral, and industry-recognized one. Since it allows you to work with various technologies available in the IT world, so, with this certificate on your CV or profile, you won’t be confined to low-paying jobs. Instead, you become open to a broader range of career options with a decent salary. So, the typical job roles include working as a Help Desk Technician, Field Service Technician, Data Support Technician, Associate Network Engineer, and other more positions each of which assumes its own perks and avenues for further growth.

  • You’re perceived as being more credible.

Nowadays, employers think certified professionals tend to perform better than uncertified individuals working in similar job roles. What’s more, recruiters use your decision to acquire a certification to gauge your willingness to get any goal. Thus, when they see a CompTIA A+ certified specialist, they don’t only see a skilled individual. They also see a committed, driven go-getter, and so they can trust you to contribute substantially to moving their company forward.

  • Higher salary.

As you understand, you are more likely to get a high-paying job with your CompTIA A+ Practice Test Exams certificate than just with your college qualifications. This is true in many job roles and industries. If you are already hired, this accreditation is a great reason for your employer to raise your salary without too many questions. And note, that the A+ certified professionals are eligible for the annual pay that ranges from 41,000 to 102,000.

  • Improvement in basic technical skills

CompTIA A+ designation encapsulates both the software and hardware part of the computer. Therefore, getting this official certificate means you have hands-on experience troubleshooting desktops, laptops, mobile phones, printers, etc. It also means that you have in-depth knowledge about PC installation, system upgrade, problem diagnosis, configuration, preventive maintenance.

These skills are in high demand in today’s IT world, so having them can help you get the career move you need to get your dream pay.


As you have seen, the benefits are simply enormous. So, it is an undeniable fact that the CompTIA A+ qualification opens you to more job options and higher-earning opportunities. In other words, if you want to stack the odds of career success in your favor, then becoming a certified CompTIA A+ specialist is one of the best things you can do for yourself.   

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