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Five Steps To Turn Kofi Kingston Heel

The New Day has been one of the best tag teams in WWE history and the veteran experience of Kofi Kingston has been a huge part of that.

While the WWE Universe has a lot of love for The New Day, can that love keep them together?

After Kofi Kingston’s historic reign, I am not even getting into how he lost it, where can his career go now? Of course, Kofi can just stand by The New Day, go into Crown Jewel and be known as the Best Tag Team in the world, but what if Kofi decides to bet on himself?

Kofi has been a part of a team for so long and while he has helped change the game in tag team wrestling, after eleven years he finally got to the mountain top and to stop chasing now would be the worst decision.

1. Keep It Simple

I think as a whole, the WWE Universe has tried to believe that The New Day would be the one team to stand the test of time, but this list is here to take a look at turning Kofi Kingston heel. Kofi has been a shining light of positivity, so let’s look at what would happen if the powers that be turn him heel.

As we all know, WWE tends to overcomplicate things that should be fairly simple to execute. Making Kofi a heel could be as simple as
putting him on a losing streak. Losing so many matches can make the best wrestler feel defeated and want to change it by any means necessary. We’ve seen in Kofi’s feud with Randy Orton, that he is willing to do whatever it takes to win.

Let’s say Kofi loses a match to Shorty G and the next week loses the rematch, that would have Kofi questioning his place in the company. He went from being the top guy on Smackdown to losing to wrestlers he probably shouldn’t. These losses could continue for a few weeks until Kofi finally has enough and cheats to win. A rather simple concept, but maybe the right direction to take.

2. Turn On The New Day

Again this may seem rather simple and obvious, but again WWE logic. I previously said that Kofi has been a game-changer when it comes to The
New Day and I am sure he has loved every minute of it. The thing is though, how long can one stay in a tag team or stable and not want more?

With Crown Jewel approaching, and Xaiver Woods looking to be out for up to a year, Big E is going to need Kofi in order to win the Tag Team
Turmoil match. Of course, Kofi could be the same Kofi we have known for eleven years or he could decide he has had enough of the positivity.
He could start the match but decide to leave Big E high and dry or they could be the first eliminated. If The New Day, arguably the best tag team WWE has had in years, is eliminated first Big E and Kofi
could have a huge argument on the way to the back. Crown Jewel could be where we see the cracks appear in the team.

3. The Entire New Day Turns Heel

Who says Kofi has to be alone in being a bad guy? The New Day started as a heel group, they could always go back to the beginning. All members of the team have said that it is better if they stay together and I am inclined to agree. The New Day has been an incredible asset to the WWE roster and breaking that up would be a shame.

Kofi could still be the first person to turn, but this could cause Big E and Xavier, knowing that staying together is the right thing, to turn as well. A heel New Day back when they first started didn’t really get the chance to see their full potential and Smackdown could use another heel tag team.

4. Turn On Ali

We all know the story, Ali got injured, Kingston took his spot and that’s how the fairytale began. Ali has had nothing but kind things to say about Kofi since, but Kofi is going to need to make a statement if he wants to keep the ball rolling on his singles career; to do that what if he attacked Ali?

This one is a little out there, but Ali has become a fan favorite and very well could be in any sort of title picture. Kofi wanting to keep his spot in title contention could reluctantly attack Ali, or at least
that’s how it starts. Eventually Kofi could realize that being the nice guy has been holding him back.

5. Helping Brock Lesnar Retain

This is the out there theory because this may not totally turn him heel. Why would Kofi help Brock? Fans would absolutely hate him for having Brock still be the champion, no matter the reason.

Of course Kofi would want to beat Brock for the title and finally climb the one mountain he wasn’t able to. Helping Brock at Crown Jewel just to do that though, doesn’t seem like it would go over the
best. Kofi would make an enemy of Cain Velasquez and even Rey Mysterio. Kofi would be looking out for number one and fighting any
obstacle in his way, but Brock also doesn’t need anyone’s help. This theory could turn out rather bad for the former champion.

There ya have it folks! Five ways that Kofi Kingston could turn heel.
It’s something I hope we don’t have to see anytime soon, but it would bring a different landscape to Smackdown on FOX. Entertaining TV is needed on the main roster so a Kofi heel turn could be just the ticket.

What do you guys think? Are you for it? How would you turn Kofi heel?

Paige Brearley
'We want you to stand out here in front of the world, and we want them to hear Triple H's words come out of your mouth. We are going to listen to every word, and then we're gonna beat the hell out of you.' - Dean Ambrose

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