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Five Things We Learned From Super Show-Down

Benjamin Clem looks back at this past weekends Super Show-Down in Australia, and gives us five things we have learned from following the monumental event.

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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!

WWE’s historic trip to the land down under is in the books, and it actually turned out to be more than the glorified house show most assumed it would be. Great matches and moments mixed with just a little nostalgia made this show fairly enjoyable to watch. With that in mind, let’s jump into 5 things we learned from WWE’s Super Show-Down.


1. New Day is the team of the current generation

Now, I’m sure there are plenty of fans that already knew this, but I doubt I’m the only one who thought the New Day’s momentum had slowed slightly before this current tag title reign. Show-Down’s opening match pitted Kofi & Xavier against The Bar, a team that has taken the gold from the New Day previously. Nevertheless, by the final bell, New Day stood tall once again. As Big E, Woods, and Kingston celebrated in the ring, I couldn’t help but think that these guys have defined what it means to be the apex tag team in the current era of WWE programming. It doesn’t matter if you know how many times they’ve held tag titles, or what combination of the trio is competing, the New Day are always going to give you a great showing when they step through those ropes.


2. Cena’s hair even gets heat

When it comes to WWE’s fan base, there are two kinds of people: Those that love John Cena, and those that hate him with furious rage-filled passion. Cena’s new hair style was just icing on the hate cake for the latter of those two groups. Memes on the subject were being posted before John’s match had even concluded. The man hinted at retirement while addressing the crowd after the bout, and his hair was STILL the bigger news! The truth in the matter is, when something as small as a slight change in appearance puts your name in the headlines, there’s no denying you’re still one of the most polarizing figures in wrestling today.


3. Hometown talent can still win at home

Once upon a time, fans knew that if a wrestler was competing in their home territory, it was more than likely that they’d be walking out the winner. Hometown victories were one of those classic wrestling troupes we had all become accustomed to. However, in recent years, WWE has done everything possible to prove this troupe wrong. Show-down featured matches that included Australian born Buddy Murphy and the Iconics. With all three individuals being heel and hailing from the country the event was being held in, most fans probably thought we could expect losses in their respective futures. However, creative changed course and opted to give wins to the Aussie talents in both matches. It’s refreshing to see that WWE is still willing to utilize classic methods in the hope of getting a huge reaction from the crowd.


4. Creative is focused on Smackdown

As I mentioned earlier, these newer pay per view events can’t help but give off that house show feel. Minimal title matches, multi-man tag matches, and little lead up to the rivalries involved are only more evidence in favor of this. While Show-Down appeared to be more of the same, there was a slight alteration to the formula. Smackdown’s Tag, WWE, and Women’s championships were all on the line, but not a single Raw title was up for grabs. Now, normally this is something most fans wouldn’t have paid much attention to, but I find this very interesting considering we’re two weeks away from the 1000th episode of Smackdown. It would seem that WWE’s creative team are intently focused on Smackdown at the moment. With this in mind, and the announcement that Rey Mysterio will return at the 1000th episode coming later the same day, I don’t think it’s incorrect to think that October 16th is going to an amazing night for the WWE Universe.


5. Last Time Ever….LOL

Is there anything tastier than a big bowl of nostalgia?! WWE apparently doesn’t think so. In reality, these attitude era reminder matches are a perfect way to bring in more eyes on the product. We all know those people that tell you how they used to watch pro wrestling, but eventually stopped. The powers that be know that if Triple H and Undertaker are headlining a show, those former fans may take a moment to stop and check out the current product.

Now, as we got closer to Show-Down, it became more and more obvious that this probably wasn’t going to be the “Last Time Ever” we’d see Hunter and the Dead Man face off. Rumors about a possible tag match in Saudi Arabia flooded the dirt sheets. Now it seems like we will be getting the Brothers of Destruction against the Kliq come Crown Jewel in November. I’m not complaining, but if you’re going to slap a label like “Last Time Ever” on a match just to add to it’s hype, you probably shouldn’t have plans of contradicting yourself a month later.


All in all, Super Show-Down was an enjoyable show. With Evolution and Crown Jewel getting closer by the day, it’ll be interesting to see what WWE has in store for us. Until then, at least we learned 5 things we didn’t know before.



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