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Five Things We Learned From WWE Hell In A Cell

Benjamin Clem looks back at this Sunday’s event and gives us five things that he learned from WWE Hell In A Cell.

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Another Hell in a Cell has come to an end, and per usual, it wasn’t without it’s highs and lows.

The recent trend with most WWE events has seemed to be leave the fans with more questions than answers, however tonight’s show appeared to be a tiny step in the opposite direction. So, as the devil’s playground is most likely still being disassembled and packed away for next year, I’m here to touch on five things we learned from Hell in a Cell 2018.

1. Redder isn’t Better

Have you ever wondered what Hell in a Cell would look like if you built it out of Twizzlers? No? Well, you’re not alone. Nevertheless, WWE decided to answer that question with the Cell’s newest incarnation. Color swapping the infamous “demonic structure” did nothing more than make it seem less ominous. I get the idea that a blood red Cell may inspire more suspense in some way, but in reality, it ended up looking more like the exterior of a fast food playground ball pit.


2. Hardy + Hell in a Cell = TLC

With a career as decorated as Jeff Hardy’s, it came as somewhat of a surprise to hear that this was his first time competing inside Hell in a Cell.  Anyone familiar with Jeff knows the sheer destruction this man has been willing to put his body through to illicit a pop from the crowd. With that in mind, what happens when the charismatic enigma steps into Hell in a Cell? Turns out, more of the same. Now, I’m not saying this was a bad match, but I am going to say it was pretty much a TLC match inside a big red cage. Honestly, I doubt there are many viewers that’ll remember anything about this match other then the image of Jeff’s ear lobe twisted around a screwdriver. *Shudder* Gross.


3. Heel Becky is Here to Stay

The internet rumor mill went crazy after Becky’s heel turn at Summerslam was met with thunderous cheers from those in attendance. After all, we’re supposed to cheer faces, and boo heels. That’s how we as fans are expected to react. Hell, I was even anticipating a double turn by the end of this one. But, it would seem creative is fully behind the Lass Kicker staying heel now that she’s captured the Smackdown Women’s Championship once again. Presented with the perfect opportunity to receive a cheap shot  from Charlotte after being offered a handshake from the former champion, Becky simply held up the gold, talked some smack and walked away. Hopefully Becky’s current run doesn’t lose steam anytime soon.


4. AJ vs. Joe is still Great

Over a decade after AJ Styles and Samoa Joe started their professional careers in TNA, these two can still put on an amazing match. Now, I know this was the second meeting of Styles and Joe in a WWE ring, but I personally believe the match at Summerslam was more story than substance. Tonight’s match was proof that a rivalry born within a completely different company years prior, can still feel fresh in present day WWE. Joe and AJ undoubtedly delivered the match of the night, even if it’s conclusion was the very definition of a “Dusty” finish.


5. Lesnar isn’t Done Yet

I seriously can’t believe I was the only person thinking Brock Lesnar was done with WWE after dropping the Universal Championship at Summerslam. Sure, it’s not unprecedented for Brock to go weeks without appearing on WWE programming, but most fans probably assumed his next televised fight would take place in an octagon around the beginning of next year. Instead, Brock’s music hit several minutes into the main event, and a bearded Beast preceded to make his presence undeniably known. With his interference causing the match to result in a no contest, there is no question about wether or not Brock has at least one more WWE match in his future.


Hell in a Cell 2018 wasn’t the best show in WWE’s recent history, but it at least answered a few questions that have been lingering in the minds of fans. So, in the end, we can say that we now have five answers we didn’t have at the beginning of the night.



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