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Five Ways To Make The 24/7 Title Must See

With the 24/7 Title receiving a mixed response, Evan Gomes offers up five way they can make WWE’s newest title must-see.

The 24/7 Championship has been around for two weeks. In that time, there have been four champions, with R-Truth being the longest-reigning champ.

The title has only been seen on SmackDown Live and Raw, and has been a bit repetitive in how it has been presented so far. If WWE wants to make the championship memorable and long-lasting, there are some ideas they should execute. The 24/7 Championship has been ridiculed (especially for its belt design) but has the chance to be an exciting part of the product. If WWE can follow these five suggestions, the 24/7 Championship can be as popular as the Hardcore Championship was.

1. Change Up The Location

So far, most of the 24/7 Championship skits have looked the same: the champion being chased around the arena by a bunch of wrestlers. They’ve been effective, but there needs to be variety. The Hardcore Championship had tons of memorable locations for skits: airports, theme parks, and tons of different areas of the arena.

For the 24/7 Championship to be successful, they need the same. Have the champion get attacked during filming for UpUpDownDown. Make a sneak attack happen while a superstar is getting dinner out. Changing up the locations of the segments will keep them fresh and help keep the title from getting stale.

2. Higher Profile Stars

When the chase segments have happened the past two weeks, it’s been the lower card Superstars chasing after the belt. Elias’ win on SmackDown Live was a good start to having higher level stars chase the belt. The Hardcore Championship had high-tier stars like Kane, Undertaker & Mick Foley hold it. WWE should look at repeating that formula by having some of its top stars win the title.

Why not have Sami Zayn win it if he isn’t tied up with another feud? Drew McIntyre could have a lengthy run fending off challengers. Have the members of the New Day try to outsmart one another to pin each other on the road. The more that stars higher on the card want to fight for it, the more important the championship will feel.

3. Work On All The Brands

When Mick Foley debuted the title, he mentioned that it’s open to superstars on all of the brands. So far, it’s only been sought after by Raw and SmackDown Live superstars. To make it really exciting, superstars from other brands should win the title and bring it to their own brands. How exciting would it be for Jordan Devlin to catch the champion at the airport and bring the title to NXT:UK? Or have Drew Gulak tap out a champ and then hold the title hostage on episodes of 205 Live? The championship could even travel to companies WWE has a working relationship with, like Evolve or WXW.

4. Establish Championship Regulars

The Hardcore Championship was defined by a few midcarders, like Raven and Crash Holly. They were the stars of the division and WWE should do the same this time around. R-Truth and Drave Maverick have already been positioned as focal points of the division. Having Truth win the title multiple times could make him Mr. 24/7, and Drake Maverick constantly chasing the title will make his eventual win a big moment. A wildcard choice for another 24/7 regular: Randy Orton. The RKO out of nowhere would be a big weapon for a title that’s defended anywhere, anytime.

5. Have Some Legends Win The Belt

If Bret Hart can be United States Champion in 2010, then we can have some legends win the 24/7 Championship in 2019. Have Mick Foley talk to a champion backstage about always being on your toes, only to hit them with a chair and take the title himself. D-Von Dudley could pop up and take a champion down backstage. WWE is no stranger to using legends to enhance the product. Why not use those same legends to boost the profile of the 24/7 Championship? How else would Heath Slater ever get a win over a legend to finally avenge his time during the build to Raw 1000?

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