Football: If WWE superstars were Premier League teams

One of the biggest events in the WWE calendar is just hours away, with the 2021 Royal Rumble kicking off the new year’s pay-per-view calendar. A host of luxury names have confirmed entry to Sunday’s event, which grants the winner a shot at either the SmackDown or Raw Championship title at Wrestlemania 37.

Among those representing the men’s Raw brand are Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, The Miz, Sheamus, Jeff Hardy and Braun Strowman. Meanwhile, those representing SmackDown include Jey Uso, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan, Otis and King Corbin.

It’s sure to be another fascinating contest, and with nine participants in the men’s rumble still to be named, there’s sure to be some surprises in store. As for the women, just 13 of 30 entrants have been confirmed; so again, there’s more than just a surprise or two in store for fans.

Meanwhile, on the same weekend as Arsenal versus Manchester United, the Rumble will be preceded by another round of exciting Premier League fixtures.

So as we prepare to revel in the weekend’s sporting content, we’ve attempted to match each of this year’s men’s Rumble contestants with a Premier League team.


No one can deny that Arsenal’s Premier League presence has wilted considerably in the absence of any league titles. The Gunners were last triumphant in the league in 2003-04, but they’ve won a handful of cup trophies since. Sheamus was particularly prolific a decade ago, earning stints as WWE Champion (2009-10), World Heavyweight Champion (2012-2013) and winning the Royal Rumble in (2012). His most fruitful years in terms of silverware are behind him, but he is still a formidable figure, and his time could soon come again.

Aston VillaKing Corbin

Villa has danced back and forth between the top two divisions in recent seasons, but they have spent much of the past three decades among England’s elite. This season, they have impressed, and look set to secure their top-flight status at least for another season. While Corbin, who changed his ring name after his King of the Ring triumph in 2019, has that winning presence too. Corbin isn’t underestimated, and for good reason; because playing at their full potential, both he and Villa can do damage.

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