Former WWE Diva Amy Weber Accuses Edge & Randy Orton Of Bullying

She claims incident led to her departure from the company

Former WWE superstar Amy Weber uploaded a video to her YouTube channel, where she claims Edge and Randy Orton bullied her during a tour of Japan

In the video titled “The Truth Finally Revealed About My Time In The WWE”, she claims that she was verbally attacked by Randy Orton, and had a drink poured on her by Edge. Weber said that she got hurt while training during a tour of Japan. She claims that she got heat after the WWE trainer told her to take two Ibuprofen from the men’s locker room.

She explained what happened, saying;

“The trainer told me to go into the men’s locker room and to grab two Ibuprofen, which I did. He told me what to do, I did it. And some ice. So when I was on the plane, on the way back to Alaska, we had more matches there, more TV to tape, I was laying across three seats. We were all sleeping, and I’m going to go ahead and call people out because this is a truthful video. Randy Orton decided to come up behind my chair and he slammed into it like a linebacker, so hard that I landed on the floor of the airplane. And then he said to me, ‘You’re gonna learn, [b—h].’ I didn’t understand what he was talking about. So I turned around, went back to sleep.”

She then alleged that Edge poured a drink over her and when she challenged him about, denied it ever happening, saying;

“I was awoken by someone pouring a drink in my face. So immediately I popped up, I looked up, and I saw Edge, yes, you, Edge, with a partially drank drink in his hand, there was a little bit left, and it was the same colour that was basically all over me,” Weber said. “So I stood up on the airplane seat, and I was eye-to-eye to him, and I said, ‘Do you have a problem with me?’ And he goes, ‘What are you talking about?’ Of course, he denied it, but the drink was in his hand. So I said, ‘Come on, you want to fight me? Let’s go, you want to be a man, go ahead, let’s go, fight me. You want to pour a drink on me?’ And he kept denying it, but I know he did it, I saw the cup in his hand. At the end of the day, did I deserve it because I took two Ibuprofen that the trainer told me to take, and some ice, from the guy’s locker room? I don’t think so.”

She then said that this was the reason which led her to leave WWE, saying;

“So when I got to Alaska, Shane McMahon was there, we were all getting our bags, and I was done. I just felt like I couldn’t continue to be in an environment where people really had no respect for me. They had their reasons but I don’t think taking two Ibuprofen for someone to call you names, try to physically harm you, and then pour a drink in your face.”

(h/t to 411Mania for the transcription)

Weber joined the WWE as a part of the 2004 Diva Search, and then became a part of John Bradshaw Layfield’s ‘Cabinet’ stable.

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