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Friday Fifteen – August 4th 2017



  • What will become of Brock Lesnar following the conclusion of the upcoming WWE SummerSlam Pay-Per-View is truly fascinating. Sure, he’s linked with a return to the UFC and a potential superfight with Jon Jones.  However, I’m assuming any return to the octagon wont happen until the new year, so perhaps this is WWE and Lesnar trying to throw fans off the scent, and pull off the swerve victory.  Or hey, maybe I’m wrong.  Perhaps Lesnar leaves immediately following SummerSlam to train for the fight, and then returns once it’s over to fulfill his WWE contract duties (which run until WrestleMania 34).


  • Lots of people seem confused as to why the “main event” of RAW seems to be going on air around 10pm, while the last hour seems like a ghost town. The answer seems obvious, at least to me.  The ratings for the show consistently plummet throughout the night, and WWE simply know they don’t have enough right now to keep fans hooked all night long.  So, the biggest feud goes on toward the end of the second hour, when fans are just about ready to tap out for the night.


  • On the format of RAW, isn’t it painfully obvious when you compare the two just how much better SmackDown Live! Is being booked? Perhaps it is the clearest example that the WWE is far better off airing two-hour programs.  RAW appears thrown together haphazardly and seems to feature many rematches and segments that have been done several times repeatedly over a number of weeks. SmackDown Live! Meanwhile, is airing simple feuds and dream matches.


  • Speaking of, if RAW and SmackDown Live! Move exclusively to the WWE Network, surely they’ll return to the classic 120 minute runtime, right?



  • SmackDown Live was a very good show this week (what else is new). The feuds all built themselves nicely toward SummerSlam, Chad Gable looked good, and the main event was spectacular.


  • One thing about the show I didn’t like? Sami Zayn taking the “L”.  Hopefully they’re setting up a hell of a redemption story for Zayn, who looks like his career has stalled significantly.


  • We’ve spoken of it in this very column before, but great to officially see Kyle O’Reilly debut on NXT television last night. Hopefully both he and Bobby Fish losing to Aleister Black isn’t a simple coincidence, and is setting up the formation of ReDRagon in World Wrestling Entertainment.


  • It was twenty-five years ago this week that the great Ron Simmons defeated Big Van Vader to win his first WCW World Championship. Simmons was, of course, the first African-American Heavyweight Champion, and laid the path for future generations.


  • Pro wrestler A.C.H. Has turned the hashtag #MooseQuestions into a hilarious set of memes. As of this writing, a store on ProWrestlingTees.com had just launched as well.


  • There’s a whole article here, and maybe one day I’ll write it, but I wish the WWE Network would invest more time into their “main network feed”. Would love to see Sunday Night classic Pay-Per-View’s with introductions from an in-studio host who gives you behind the scenes info (think Turner Classic Movies).  And that’s the type of the iceberg.  So much potential with the network, but it seems the on-demand service gets all the attention (and perhaps rightfully so).


  • This past week ROH ran a Women of Honor show, the entire hour devoted to their women’s division. My complaint?   That we don’t see it moe often.



  • StillRealToUs, a fun wrestling page, posed the question recently: Using any four members of the current WWE roster, who would you start a stable with. Me?  Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, Aleister Black, and Samoa Joe.


  • I wonder out loud if the TWM.News readers would be interested in a WWE fantasy league? I’ve run similar ones in the past where you draft a stable of workers, and get points for wins, holding belts, etc.  If the interest is there, I would gladly take the reigns.



  • The NJPW G1 Climax has been amongst the most entertaining wrestling this calendar year has seen. It isn’t easy to keep interest in a spread out tournament this high, but the company has done it.


  • Looking forward to a wrestling-filled weekend for yours truly. Will be at WWE Live Sunday afternoon in London, Ontario and then will be taking in Monday Night RAW live from Toronto some twenty-four hours later.  Look forward to possibly running into some of you.
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