Games: 6 Intriguing Games to Play If You Love Combat Sports

Combat sports have been popular for years and are quite exciting. It is one sport that involves a lot of physical strength, skills, and techniques, which is why it has always been an exclusive sport.

Spectators have always admired live combat sports as they guarantee that rush of adrenaline that excites the crowd. They also have a knack for some unpredictability that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats. Thanks to sports betting, combat sports have become even more popular as many punters follow the games for a chance to wager and win real money from the proceedings.

Technology has enabled gamers to have fun and replicate combat sports experiences through their joysticks. However, unlike many games available today, being an expert in a video game based on combat sports requires more skills and knowledge because of the sport’s physical action, strength,  and agility requirements. Mastering these skills may take significant time and effort, which is why combat sports are less popular in gaming.

As a result, some developers have decided not to leave combat lovers out of the pleasures of the online gaming world. Hence, they have created several video games that can appeal to combat lovers. While some of these developers need to put in more work to make their games more appreciated, others have proven to be up to the tasks, with video games replicating the actual events in combat games.

Best Video Games for Fans of Combat Sports

Several gamers can enjoy combat sports video games just like the real sport with a guarantee of a good time. Out of the several great options, here is a list of the top six titles that may interest combat sports gamers.

1. Fight Night

Fight Night is one of the best combat games ever created. The game’s characters are fictional, and it has a full story mode with a feature that allows the player to control their characters.

In addition, this game also has a bare-hand knuckle boxing mode for hardcore players who want to feel the thrill even more. This game has several other versions which have done well and remained undefeated in combat video games.

2. Creed

Creed is a video game that takes combat gaming to a new level with virtual reality tech. Creed was first released in 2015, but one more version was released in 2018, with Creed III, the latest version, expected to hit the market in 2023.

This game has a multiplayer mode, single-player mode, player-versus-player mode, and career mode. The game also employs a technology that allows players to control two different avatars. This boxing game has done well in the past few years, and its attention to detail is impressive.

3. UFC: Undisputed 3

If you are a lover of cage fighting where the winner is only the last man standing, then you will love the UFC Undisputed 3, as the win or loss here is indisputable. It was created with some professional UFC properties, making it one of the best combat games. It also mirrors the professional championship.

This game gives players the unique privilege to play in real situations and use all the amazing strategies employed in the Ultimate Fighting championship. If you are a big fan of the UFC games and know all the techniques used by the athletes there, you will undoubtedly be able to play this game easily.

Most of the features of Undisputed 3 are realistic and feel more like being involved in an actual match. Gamers can also play this combat game on different consoles, including the Playstation and the Xbox.

4. Rocky

This game was released in 2002 and is still a popular combat game globally. Many gamers enjoy this game because of the developer’s attention to detail, mimicking real-time combat.

Rocky’s developers ensured everything was present, from high-quality graphics to the blood splatters, sweat, injuries, and all other things featured in a combat ring. The only complaint gamers have had about this game is how the scoring works, as the player who has managed to land more blows, wins the match. Some gamers have protested this as they believe the number of blows isn’t the only factor determining the damage done in a boxing match.

5. Rocky Legends

This is a follow-up on Rocky. It was released two years after the first title, so it is the upgraded version with more features to make it more exciting. For example, the players now have more fighting options, and several characters’ stance has significantly increased upon request.

The scoring system has also been upgraded, making the game even more fierce than ever. Though Rocky Legends is an upgraded version, gamers still play both games for different reasons, as one tends to appeal more to some gamers.

6. Virtual Pro MMA

This game was developed by AKI Corporation and published in Japan over two decades ago. Gamers who love wrestling will undoubtedly enjoy this title as the characters were developed based on real-life professional wrestlers from Japan.

It is well known for the tricks and strategies gamers can employ when wrestling, and gamers have a soft spot for this feature. Since it was developed with real-life wrestlers, some particular tricks wrestlers were known for were also considered in developing the game characters. This makes it a top choice for many wrestling fans.


These games have managed to bring combat sports to the gaming industry and did that quite well. While checking out all of these games, we had a good time, as there was enough to keep us entertained and interested. We are sure you’d enjoy playing them too.

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