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Games: A Beginner’s Guide for Escape from Tarkov

FPS games are usually pretty difficult to get into, especially when not used to the genre. Escape from Tarkov is an FPS-survival game that can be daunting for newcomers. As such, beginners will probably need all the help they can get when they are first starting out.

Today, we’ve prepared a beginner’s guide for the game and hopefully, it can guide you through your first few runs. And if you haven’t got the game yet, you can purchase it using the GoCash Game Card from OffGamers here!

With that out of the way, let us begin!

Always Plan Your Items

Before you start your escape, it is crucial that you know what to bring with you. For beginners, we highly recommend survival-based items like medical supplies and armour.

Sure, having a secondary weapon can seem fun, but without a proper understanding of the game, having an extra weapon won’t do you any good. First focus on surviving and take on the offensive later on.

Always remember, Escape from Tarkov is a survival game. Taking out your enemies might be satisfying, but ultimately, the goal here is to be the last one standing.

Test Out Your Weapons Beforehand

Escape from Tarkov is a very realistic game. Every weapon has its own perks and disadvantages. Essentially, each weapon has its own niche and different players will have differing opinions on them.

Therefore, there’s no true answer to what is the best or worst weapon—you just have to try it out yourself! One easy way to test your weapon is by firing them during the start of the game before engaging your enemies.

Get a feel for a weapon. The most important things to consider are the weapon’s recoil and range. Make sure that both of these metrics are optimal and suitable for your playstyle.

Be A Master Of Looting

One way of getting rewarded in Escape from Tarkov is through looting. These items are usually scattered around the map and are super beneficial. This is very important for maintaining tempo which will greatly help your survival cause.

That said, you have to be very careful while you are looting. Chances are, the loot location has enemies within the vicinity. If you’re not careful, they might snipe you from afar when you are looting.

The best way to go about looting is by asking your own teammates to back you up. Have them scour the area for potential hidden enemies. This will greatly reduce the chance of you and your team getting caught off-guard.

Offline Raids Are Good For Warming Up

As we’ve mentioned earlier, shooting games can be an uphill climb for newbies. It also doesn’t help that Escape from Tarkov is an extremely competitive game. Hence, offline raids are a breath of fresh air for newcomers.

Offline raids give new players a much-controlled environment where mistakes are not severely punished. These raids are dedicated to holding newcomers’ hands to wade through the game’s mechanics.

Plus, beginners can also use this mode as shooting practice. Here, they get to try out different weapons without any worries of tryhards ambushing them. It’s safe and a great place for novices to start.

Learn To Move Better And Be More Aware

Stealth is incredibly important in Escape from Tarkov. To be good at the game, you will need to move within the shadows and be unseen. Move slowly and efficiently and ensure that you and your team do not get caught out in the open.

Besides that, ensure that you have your audio open as noises from the enemies are a good indicator of their location. Knowing your enemy’s location before they find you can have a huge effect on the skirmish that is about the break.

Move silently and patiently. Once you’ve pinpointed the enemy’s location, take them out from afar in silence and always remember to keep your ears open!

Make It A Habit To Look At Your Map

Opening the map will let you know the countdown and how long left you have to escape. Knowing the time is important as most beginners tend to forget that they are playing with time.

We understand that looting, going for extracts and taking out enemies are all fun stuff. However, do not get overboard with them until you lose sight of the objective. Always keep in mind that your final goal is to successfully escape.

If you run out of time, it doesn’t matter how many enemies you’ve killed or looted—it will be all for nought. Let it be second nature to you that every 2 minutes, you’ll look at the map. Through this force of habit, you will be consistently reminded of the timer and the time you have left.

It Is Perfectly Fine To Die

Escape from Tarkov is generally not an easy game and players will need time to get used to its mechanics and gameplay. Hence, dying on your first few runs is perfectly fine and normal.

From every death, you’ll gain experience. Find out what is the cause of your death; were you caught in the open or that you have not stocked enough medical supplies? Learn from your mistakes and you’ll gradually get better.

Failure is a part of the process of you getting better. Just keep playing!

And it looks like we’ve reached the end of this beginner’s guide! We hope this guide will help you one way or another. Have fun and we wish you the very best in your Escape from Tarkov escapade!

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