Games: Cult Classic Video Games That Deserve One More Play

Do you have a Favourite Game or Gaming memory from your childhood? one from the type of games that never rated 9 out of 10 but that you still wasted hours of your life on when you should have been studying for exams or enjoying the one week of nice weather we get a year in Britain?

This list is compiled from Games that are well thought in the gaming community, Games that have been dormant for far too long and deserve one last chance to steal our time once again while we should be doing housework or (trying) to be adults. Here are 10 Video game series’ that deserve one last chance to shine.

Freedom Fighters

Developed by IO Interactive and published by EA in 2003, this game released across PS2, Xbox and GameCube. Essentially it was an alternative history where the Soviet Union invaded New York. Maybe not the most original idea and stealing plenty from Red Dawn, but it did it way before Modern Warfare and Homefront did. 

The game is well thought of across all platforms with scores ranging from 80 up to 83 on Metacritic. A 3rd person shooter which didn’t do anything new to advance the genre but had fun mechanics. 

Freedom Fighters

The game was praised for its squad tactics and AI which allowed you to command your allies to attack or hold position but this didn’t carry over to enemy AI which was your normal standing potato type for the time. It was also quite short and was only lengthened by a good old fashioned cheat list, those were the days my friends…I seem to remember having hours of fun with the nail gun cheat which you could use to pin enemies to buildings and vehicles. 

Done one more time with modern graphics, possibly as a sequel, it’s something I think would sell well and although we have had plenty of stories regarding invasions in America, maybe something with a more European setting could convince gamers to dip back in. 

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