Games: DreamHack Beyond Announced for July 24-31, 2021

On April 20, 2021, DreamHack announced DreamHack Beyond. This will be an All-Digital, Interactive Experience. The Experience will be from July 24-31, 2021. The full week will include tournaments, LAN Party, Streaming Studio, Cosplay Championship, Livestreamed Music and Film Screenings, Expo, Panels, Game Demos, and additional content.

“Dream Hack is more than an event — it creates an arena where you can come to connect, explore, win, play a part, and be yourself through a gaming lifestyle experience.”

-Justin Burnham, Vice President, Creative, DreamHack

DreamHack is the world’s leading Esports and gaming lifestyle company. they merged with ESL in 2020. In addition to the merger, Twitch signed a three-year agreement with ESL and Dream Hack. Twitch is THE integrated platform for streaming.

The goal for all of us at Dream Hack is to provide great experiences for our fans, which have traditionally thrived by bringing communities together for these shared and beloved festivals all around the globe.” -Marcus Lindmark, President DreamHack, SVP Project and Event Operations at ESL Gaming

“This last year has been an extraordinary time for so many, but now we are ready to bring our community back together for this innovative and uniquely engaging occasion — we are super excited to share DreamHack Beyond with our fans.”

Marcus Lindmark, President DreamHack, SVP Project and Event Operations at ESL Gaming.
  • Justin Burnham, Vice President, Creative, of DreamHack stated there will be an interactive video game to go with the list of what attendees can do.

List of festival and interactive video game content HERE

The last in-person event was February 2020, in Anaheim.

“A lot of love and time went into creating Dream Hack Beyond. Its rollout is strategically really no different than the big games of today — we’ll have major updates for new features, content, and more as we develop this to complement our physical festivals. DreamHack welcomes everyone, from the novice to the expert, from the very small to the very old, from all backgrounds, globally. We are all DreamHack.”

Justin Burnham, Vice President, Creative, DreamHack

Upcoming Scheduled In-Person Events:

Atlanta, November 12-14, 2021

Winter, November 26-28, 2021

Super Crowd Entertainment will be collaborating with DH and ESL Gaming. To guarantee, secure, and provide the most sophisticated online event. Not only will the event be remarkable, but it will be user-friendly.

Super Crowd Entertainment Comments:

“One thing we do well is creating a link between reality and fantasy with real brands and real content, but as part of the digital world”
”It is so much fun to do this, and with the perfect combination of the right product with the ideal community, this collaboration is a match made in heaven. DreamHack Beyond is going to be an alternative reality with friends where everyone can do challenges, cheer together, and connect with customized characters, interaction and engagement.”

Wolf Lang, CEO of Super Crowd Entertainment

For more information, please visit this link or follow them on all social media platforms.

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