Games: DreamHack Community Clash | Guilty Gear Strive PC | 29/06/21

On June 29, 2021, DreamHack held their Community Clash: Guilty Gear Strive Tournament for PC players on Twitch.

Many tournaments are aired on Twitch. Since becoming the integrated platform for streaming. The service works directly with both organizations. Being that both ESL and DreamHack merged in 2020.

About The Game

Guilty Gear Strive is the twenty-fifth delivery in the Guilty Gear franchise. This version of the game is expected to be the final or complete remaking of the established franchise. The game contains three primary modes. These modes include offline mode, versus modes, and story mode.

The game maintains the usual five-button layout with a dash. Players can dash with the traditional => =>. Wall-Break is new to the system in gameplay.

Results| Finalists| Winner:



DreamHack Beyond will be an All-Digital, Interactive Experience. The Experience will be from July 24-31, 2021. The full week will include tournaments, LAN Party, Streaming Studio, Cosplay Championship, Livestreamed music and film screenings, Expo, Panels, Game Demos, and additional content.

For any additional information on DreamHack Beyond. DreamHack Beyond Tournament

For those hoping to play a little bit of dress-up with the Guilty Gear gang, you may have to stick with PC mods for the foreseeable future given what they replied.

“We’ve received a lot of requests for [costumes/weapon skins], but we don’t have any plans for it presently,” said the ArcSys representative via Toptier. “Our current priority is to add more characters to the roster.”

While a Guilty Gear character will soon be hitting Samurai Shodown, ArcSys’ flagship series hasn’t included a guest up to this point, but what are their thoughts moving forward?

“While it’s not completely off the table, we’d like to prioritize bringing characters from previous titles and brand new fighters to the game first,” said ArcSys while noting they’ve received many fan requests for that too.

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