Games: DreamHack Community Clash Results | Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike | 06/04/21

On April 6, 2021, DreamHack held their Community Clash: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (Fightcade) Tournament on Twitch. Last year Twitch signed a three-year agreement with ESL and DreamHack.

The majority of tournaments are aired on Twitch since it became the integrated platform for streaming. The service works directly with both organizations. Being that both ESL and DreamHack merged in 2020.

 “Through maximum cooperation and collaboration, and the melding of some of the best creative and visionary gaming minds in the industry, we will, together, continue to advance the innovation that drives this space via the most exceptional products and events”, said ESL Gaming Co-CEO Craig Levine

The tournament was hosted and commentated by Arlieth, Alex JeBailey of CEO Gaming, and Dan Risen.


Winners Semi-Final: Tommy2step (Chun-Li) vs. Exodus3rd (Dudley)

Result: Exodus3rd (Dudley)


Winners Final: Nica K.O(Yang) vs. Exodus3rd (Dudley)

Exodus3rd (Dudley) vs. Winner from Losers Bracket

Losers Round 1: Migerusan (Yun) vs. Shodokan (Yun)

Result: Shodokan (Yun)

Losers Quarter-Final: Wadupneem (Gouki) vs. Shodokan (Yun)

Result: Wadupneem (Gouki)

Losers Quarter-Final: Tommy2step (Chun-Li) vs. Dagger_G (Remy)

Result:Dagger_G (Remy)


Losers Semi-Final: Wadupneem (Gouki) vs. Dagger_G (Remy)

Result: Dagger_G (Remy)

Final: Exodus3rd (Dudley) vs. Dagger_G (Remy)

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