Games: Dreaming of GTA 6 – Must-Have Features

Grand Theft Auto V is rapidly approaching its eighth anniversary and the clambering for a new instalment of the series intensifies with each passing year. With no signs of GTA 6 appearing just yet.

Despite no official announcement from Rockstar regarding a new GTA game, rumours and speculation continue to buzz around the internet every time that the game announcement season rolls around.

And while we are still waiting for any information about one of the most popular gaming series of all time, we’ve had a look at what we want to see from the sixth instalment of Grand Theft Auto – GTA 6.

More Creative and Interesting Missions

One of the main criticisms thrown at the Grand Theft Auto series is regarding the repetitive nature of some of the missions, with the “drive to a location, kill someone, drive somewhere else”.

Rockstar has been one of the most innovative game developers of all time, but some of the missions, even in the later game, have been criminally dull.


The continuous development of heists within the online version of the game has been more interesting and suggests that they are likely to be implementing more interesting and fresh missions that we haven’t seen before.

The plotlines of Rockstars games has always been their strength, but to develop the missions further would take GTA 6 to a whole new level.

More Opportunity for Immersion

Grand Theft Auto is Rockstars flagship series, but they are also known for the incredible Red Dead Redemption series.

Red Dead Redemption is best known for its immersive world that challenges the player to fully dive into the wild west setting and embracing everything that comes with it – yet Grand Theft Auto has yet to provide this level of immersion.

Red Dead Redemption 2
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One of the strengths of Red Dead Redemption 2 was its NPC’s, following an interesting schedule and being interactable to unlock new developments within the game. The current set of NPC’s in GTA is more like a set dressing, offering nothing more to than series than a target to hit.

On top of this, the level of interaction you can have with the environment massively outweighs what you can do in GTA V, although this is due to a much denser population in a city setting. But with new innovations in the new generation of consoles, this can be hugely improved within the latest instalment.

Next Stop?

One of the biggest questions when it comes to discussions of Grand Theft Auto 6 is where the next game will be set?

With most of the series being set within the United States, many people are turning their eyes to other countries for a change.

Although it may be unlikely, I would personally have the game based in Canada, allowing the player to revisit the North Yankton setting in Grand Theft Auto V and offering a whole new terrain and set of vehicles for the game.


This setting would also open the game to have references to Grand Theft Auto V, with the bank robbery of Yankton as well as looking at Trevor’s younger life north of the border.

The game is likely to stay within the 50 states but stretching out to Canada could be an unexpected twist for the series.

Improvement to Melee Combat

Although melee combat is not the most important part of GTA and would not be game-changing, the melee is as basic as it comes for such an inventive game.

The button-mashing combat sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the rest of the controls, with a fistfight being left to who can mash their control the hardest.

Melee Dodge

Even a simple button for each action whilst engaged in combat could be a huge improvement for the control system, rather than tapping away until your foe has fallen.

An Interesting Female Character

Grand Theft Auto is popular due to its interesting characters and in-depth storytelling, but we are yet to see a strong and interesting female character near the lead in the series.

Top 10 Strong Female Video Game Characters by HeroCollector16 on DeviantArt
HeroCollector16 on DeviantArt

In the previous game, we saw Michael’s wife and daughter which was a step in the right direction, but not nearly the representation we can expect from such a series.

To lean upon Red Dead Redemption 2 once again, the females in that game were a huge part of the setting and the story, with Sadie Adler being one of the most interesting and badass female characters in video games.

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