Games: Evo 2022 Announcements Tekken 8 & DLCs Highlights

Ashley Rose-Nova from Impact Weekly sits down to go over the DLCs announced at EVO 2022. In addition to this, we go over Tekken World Tour 2023 and the possibility of Tekken 8. Evo is one of the most highly anticipated events for competitive players around the world. One of the largest and grandest stages ever created to showcase people’s talents in competitive gaming. We tune in to the excitement of fighting games, rollback codes, and some additional players added to our favorite games.

Evo has come to a close on August 8 and will return again at Evo Japan March 31-April 2, 2023.

Few Announcements at EVO:

New Trailer for Guilty Gear-Bridget:

Street Fighter-Kimberly:

Guilty Gear Finals:

Make sure to tune in to TWM Plus for this upcoming Evo! We will cover Evo Japan from March 31-April 2, 2023.

Evo competitions will be streamed live via!

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