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Games: Far Cry 6 Gameplay Trailer Released – Coming October 7th 2021

On May 28th, The Worldwide Gameplay Reveal for Far Cry 6 was dropped on the Ubisoft North America YouTube Channel

Far Cry 6 is set in a Caribbean vacation destination in the fictional country of Yara, and the visuals coming from the recent reveal are stunning.

Far Cry 6 has finally been given an official release date of October 7th 2021 for PC (Epic Games Store and Ubisoft exclusive, sorry Steam Users), Google Stadia, Playstation4 and Playstation5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

GAMINGbible on Twitter
Photo from GAMINGbible on Twitter

Throughout the game, you will play as Dani Rojas, a Young Revolutionary fighting in a revolution against the rule of Yara’s dictator Antón Castillo (who looks scarily like Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad). Antón is intent on suppressing the revolution by any means necessary, with sidekick Diego following in his footsteps.

Navid Khavari, Narrative Director and Lead Writer of Far Cry 6 said “We knew that if we were going to tell the revolution story if we’re going to tell a story about someone in a guerrilla movement, you need to have that personal connection with them, You need someone who’s rooted in the world, who has a background. So we wanted proper performance capture, we wanted to have a voice.”

By far one of my favourite aspects is ‘Guns For Hire’ now named ‘Amigos’ are ANIMALS! Look at this cute upper! Chorizo The sausage dog!

Check out the gameplay trailer, and stay locked on our Games category for the latest game reviews and news!

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