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Games: How Can Wrestling Make Its Mark On Mobile Gaming?

As big companies move towards mobile gaming – how else can wrestling make its mark? The mobile gaming industry is big business. Data from Statista indicates that smartphone gaming is worth 79 billion US dollars globally, making it the biggest slice of the gaming cake and far more lucrative than console and PC gaming.

It’s no surprise then that the biggest companies in the world want to have their cake and eat mobile gaming too. Netflix is the latest big company stating they will be emerging into the mobile scene. As well as dominating the online streaming industry, Netflix has recruited new experts from Facebook gaming to help them dive into the industry successfully.

The future Netflix games are not yet known as the project is in its early stages. However, it is rumoured that existing subscribers will receive access to these mobile games from their current account, and they will not have to pay extra for them.

Wrestling as a gaming inspiration

Wrestling has been the inspiration behind loads of games, such as the WWF and WWE series on video consoles. The games in these series stem all the way back to elementary gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 1. But wrestling also has a place in mobile games, specifically casino mobile gaming. Several prominent online slots are based on wrestling and fighting, which get played a lot by wrestling fans.

What are the best wrestling games ever made?

If you want a reminder about how good some of those wrestling games were, here are some of the top picks:

  1. WWF No Mercy
  2. WWE Smackdown; Here Comes The Pain
  3. WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011
  4. WWE 2K14
  5. WWE All Stars
  6. WWE Day of Reckoning 2

If you can remember enjoying these games that came out years ago, imagine how good they could be on a modern smartphone with a large screen and super-fast internet to avoid lags and glitches.

Can wrestling make its mark in mobile gaming?

Wrestling is a sport that has a successful history in the gaming world, as discussed above. This leaves the question: could wrestling make its mark again as more companies begin to diverge into the mobile gaming industry?

There is a possibility for wrestling to feature heavily in the mobile games created by big businesses like Netflix and help increase wrestling fans and its popularity going forward. If large companies start making and directing mobile wrestling games to a colossal audience. There’s no doubt that some of that audience will give the wrestling games a try and maybe consider getting into wrestling more, perhaps as a fan or even an athlete.

Will Netflix offer wrestling games?

The news surrounding Netflix and their mobile gaming plans is really fresh, meaning most people do not know what games they are planning. They may try and match games to shows and movies on their service, which would leave space for fighting, combat and wrestling games. 

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