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Games: Streamer Sitdown | Part 1 – GWADanny

TWM Games’ Jade-Louise sat down with Danny aka GWADanny on Twitch to discuss all things streaming, gaming and more! GWADanny is exactly what his twitter bio says ‘Gaming and Sport obsessed. Total Idiot (in the nicest way possible) who likes to make people laugh and enjoy themselves.

Danny is relatively new to streaming and is rapidly working his way up the ranks, he was recently made an affiliate and has just passed 200 followers.

Why should someone new watch your content?

Well, that’s a very good question. I think to myself when I watch a lot of these twitch streams and youtube videos that they don’t make me laugh and they can be boring. I like to think I am a laugh and help people enjoy gaming. My mates and I have a blast playing, and although we like to win the game we are playing, we mess about and joke all the time. We have fun!

Most importantly, I enjoy giving back to my community, when I reach certain milestones or get payouts I want to give back to my viewers but also investing it back into my brand and channel.

As well as this I am also building a presence on youtube, I always put the best clips from my twitch stream that make me laugh or are pure rage which also makes me laugh. I think people would enjoy watching this sort of content.

So to summarise, I am a laugh and if you want to watch someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and can laugh at his fails etc I’m your guy!

What inspired you to get into Streaming?

I’ve been into gaming since I got my N64 and Diddy Kong Racing. I used to make gaming videos when I was younger for youtube but unfortunately, gave up gaming when I had kids as I didn’t have the time and to be honest, I have had so many family members or outside influences say that when you get to a certain age its weird to keep gaming.

Why should you stop doing something if you enjoy it?

So when the kids got a bit older I got back into it, firstly with mobile gaming and then VR and that’s when my brother kindly gave me his old PC.

I had been watching Dr Disrespect and a few other streamers and I thought to myself ”I could do this” and so it began…

Has the Pandemic affected the way you game?

Only that I play more instead of going out with my mates. We end up all getting on discord and bashing some games together instead. This just replaced going to the pub.

What’s your Favourite Game to stream?

Currently, it’s Dead By Daylight which is a multiplayer horror game but it’s a lot of fun and great to stream.

I like to play all sorts from Call Of Duty to Football Manager and FIFA. When I get a better PC I’m hoping to stream CSGO and Valorant.

Favourite Game Type/Genre? And Why?

Anything that’s competitive multiplayer basically. I like to win and the games I’m always on trying are ones that you try to rank up or get a win on, for example, Warzone, Dead by Daylight, CSGO and Valorant.

If I lose I really don’t like it but I also recognize it’s a game in the end.

However, I have gone to bed some nights thinking, how the f*** did that guy kill me or beat me in those games.  Single-player games are brilliant but once you’ve completed them that’s it then you move on, with multi-player it gauges my interest and leaves me wanting more.

Straight Outta Compton - NWA
Favourite Music Genre? And Why?

Hmmm, my all-time favourite is Hip-Hop/Rap. I used to listen all the time when I was younger be it walking to school blasting D12 or listening to Eminem on my cd player (yeah, that’s old school I know).

Hip-hop is where my gamer name was born as well, from listening to N.W.A, I decided to make myself G.W.A – Ginger With Attitude.

Favourite band/singer?

Eminem is my all-time favourite musician, I have every album, every song and know ALL the words to most songs, although if I try and do the raps he does I nearly die, I don’t think he takes a breath.

Preferred platform?

Twitch or Youtube currently, I’ve seen people saying to get on Facebook Gaming but it doesn’t interest me at the minute. I’m focusing on Twitch and then my highlights will be on youtube.

Which Streaming capture do you use?

I use OBS streams labs. It’s really easy to use when your starting off and has a built-in stream deck you can link to your mobile.

Do you have any sponsorships/are you open to them?

I don’t have any sponsorships currently, but I am open to anything as long as it’s beneficial to my channel. For any sponsorship opportunities, please contact via Twitter @ GWADanny or via my Facebook page which is GWADanny – all also linked below

Favourite Twitch Streamer?

My favourite streamer actually got banned from there. It’s Dr Disrespect, he streams on youtube and is hilarious and his stream is extremely professional.

His overlays are quality and you can tell his whole setup cost a bomb, but it’s more the personality I like in the streamers.

My favourite on twitch (currently) would have to be one of the Dead By Daylight guys, probably Otzdarva, as he does some great stuff on a game I’m playing currently.

What’s your favourite thing about Streaming?

It’s taking something I’m already doing anyway (gaming) and combining it with meeting new people and having a laugh together. I’ve met some great people from the UK, Ireland and the U.S and now we collab together. It’s great.

What are you goals for this year?

This year I want to establish a core group/community that watch and play with myself and my mates so I can properly establish GWADanny (myself) on twitch. I want to grow as a streamer.

Where do you see your channel in five years?

In 5 years, I’m hoping to be a twitch partner and have a decent youtube following. Making a great channel with great content, and giving back to the viewers in games and rewards. Maybe, just maybe if I’m very lucky I could do this full time. But that’s the dream.

Do you have any other interests?

Football. I’m an obsessed Manchester United fan so watch a lot of them and I also coach an under 12’s grassroot football team. So I am a busy guy (laughs).

Where can people find you? Socials etc.

You can find me under GWADanny on Twitter, Twitch, Discord, Facebook, YouTube, you name it.

No one else has this name.

I would love for you to follow on Twitch and join my discord. Even if you pop on for a second or just drop me a follow and engage with the chats/my content, it’s appreciated.

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