Games: Streamer Sitdown | Part 2 – REDPLANET [Richie Vargas]

TWM Games Jade-Louise sat down with Richie Vargas of REDPLANET to discuss all things streaming, gaming and more! 

Richie is also an active TWM Writer and TWM: Games contributor, whose website content is informative and descriptive, yet brilliant and conversational. Richie is an inspirational person, always seeming to present a positive outlook, he is a Blogger and content creator for the REDPLANET brand as well as TWM, who has quite the talent for photography, as well as writing and streaming/creating content for YouTube.

REDPLANET is run by Richie and his Cousin, Chris, who as well as making content for the REDPLANET brand, is also a keen photographer and has even done some choreography work, he is an Experimental Freestyler with a special interest in Visual Arts and is an active member of Bang Squad who has some excellent content over on their Instagram

Why should someone new watch your content?

I believe someone should watch our content mainly because I personally use it as an outlet from my day-to-day life. Gaming is something I’ve always enjoyed, and I’m aware that I’m not the only one as so many people enjoy it as well. Whether it’s as a hobby or even as their profession, to be able to throw yourself into a world or whatever the case may be, to me it’s about as close as I can get to being in a fantasy setting in real life.

I joke around, I get serious about certain topics, I like giving young viewers and everyone advice that I’ve learned throughout my life thus far, and I’m all about having fun and that’s what I want others to experience too. Unplug and unwind, and let’s sit back and relax!

What inspired you to get into/got you into Streaming?

Film was always something that I gravitated to, even as a child when I was around 3 or 4 years old, I remember watching so many movies that I probably shouldn’t have at the time and trying to mimic what they’d do or as I got older, I’d even try doing impressions of actors. Fast forward to the YouTube boom and entering high school, I met a friend and we created a YouTube channel, we made our own videos, it was a real fun time.

My cousin had the idea later on of branching out and not only having the existing film channel but to create a gaming channel and I loved the idea. We couldn’t do much though since we were limited on the technology needed and lacked personal funds. A few years later, I was finally working and bought myself a cheap HP laptop, and a PS4. From there, I used the PS4’s hardware to capture matches from WWE 2K or whatever other game I’d play, I began uploading those videos to our gaming channel, and then I began streaming via my PS4 also.

It gave me confidence in how to speak, I gained a better understanding of conversing and engaging with people, and it also broke me out of my shyness!

Has the Pandemic affected the way you game?

The pandemic didn’t affect the way I would game, what did however was getting married a few months before everything was shut down. Now, I’m not saying that marriage ruined it! No! But a lot of the things I used to game or stream I chose to sell because I wanted to amass as much money as I could to help contribute towards my wedding.

I felt it necessary because it was a relationship that I worked hard to maintain, as it’s rare to find someone who loves you just as much as you love them, I thought it was the best decision to make in order to move on to the next chapter in my life. I wanted to do whatever it took to ensure that I’d be able to pitch in and prove that this meant everything to me, and sometimes you have to sacrifice the little things to appreciate (and secure) the bigger things in life, and that was love.

Once the pandemic hit though, it was also around the same time that my wife and I got our first apartment, and from there, I attempted to stream on my Mac. It wasn’t the same as how I had things set up before, but it was something. I branched out to Google Stadia and that got me through a bit, Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch too, then a friend sold me his Xbox One for $100 on my birthday, then I reclaimed a PS4 again a few months after.

The sacrifice came with a reward, as I’m slowly making my way back to where I was before, I just needed to be patient and trust in the process that is life.

What’s your favourite game to stream?

As of this writing, I’ve been streaming The Last of Us: Part 2 and I’ve been really enjoying it. Prior to that though, some of my favorite games to stream back in the day were The Last of Us (primarily multiplayer with friends), Friday the 13th: The Game, WWE 2K, and Minecraft.


I’m hoping to get back into some multiplayer games with some friends again, and maybe get back into the WWE grind and perhaps introduce some more horror games!

Favourite Game Genre? And why?

Horror games, bar none. Horror is probably my favourite genre period, and when done well, the immersion is unlike any other experience out there.

I remember not being able to walk into a room while playing Resident Evil for the first time on PlayStation 1 as a child, I was terrified! I find some sick satisfaction when a game (or film) actually scares me because it’s so rare.

Give me something atmospheric like Alien: Isolation, or something dark and adrenaline pumping like Slender or Outlast and I’ll have the time of my life.

Favourite music genre? And why?

Rock, Metal, anything in that area is always my go to. Although I have a wide taste in music (I love mostly anything 80’s and 90’s R&B too), nothing resonates with me more than hearing some loud drums and guitars.

One of my favourite bands growing up was Killswitch Engage, I discovered the band when Howard Jones replaced Jesse Leach and a lot of their lyrics were so profound, Howards vocals were just incredible too.

Oftentimes, these bands or the genre, in general, gets overlooked because people assume it’s only about screaming which is far from the case, and even doing that takes skill.

Favourite band/singer?

Right now, my go to band is Architects, their music speaks so much to me and Sam Carter is a beast. Whenever I’m angry, I put on Architects. Need to get through a workout? Architects. Sad? Architects. I’ve been telling everyone I know who enjoys rock or metal to give them a listen, I think they deserve all the attention right now.

As far as my favourite singer though, I’ve gotta go with Michael Jackson. My dad was a DJ in his youth and ‘The King of Pop’ was always a mainstay in my household, I even had a Michael Jackson phase where I learned a lot of his moves when I used to dance back in high school.

The man was absolutely talented and I still jam and sing along to his music to this day in my kitchen while cooking or when I’m driving.


Preferred platform?

My preferred platform is YouTube, mainly because I stick to what I know and I know the site relatively well. A lot of my viewers that myself, my cousin, or even a friend of mine that I got into streaming as well have amassed are all on YouTube, so I feel like I’d be betraying them if I jumped ship somewhere else!

Which Streaming capture do you use?

Whenever I’m not streaming directly from my PS4, I usually use OBS. Again, it’s just another case of an, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” type situation!

Do you have any sponsorships/are you open to them?

Currently, we don’t have any sponsorships, but if anyone wants to, we’re willing to consider any opportunities!


Favourite Twitch streamer?

My favourite Twitch streamers have to be my good friends @katamarissb and @RespawnMachine. They’ve done a lot of good, started from zero and have gained quite a significant amount of viewers, as well as raised a vast amount of money on numerous occasions towards charitable contributions.

They’re really good people and whenever I need a good laugh, wish to be entertained, or need to pass some time, I always hop in their streams whenever they’re on.

What’s your favourite thing about Streaming?

The people. I’m very much a people person, I enjoy talking to people but I love entertaining more so than anything.

Whether it’s my friends and family or the people who’ve been mainstays or the ones that come and go into our channel(s), my favorite thing is and always will be the people.

What are your goals for this year?

My goals for this year are to continue growing the ‘REDPLANET’ brand, regain an audience equal to the amount or bigger than what we had just a few short years ago, and mainly to continue having fun.

Where do you see your channel in five years?

I’m not sure, hopefully at a place where we have a good amount of viewers, listeners, watchers, whatever it is that we’ll be doing then. We’ll only keep doing this for as long as we keep enjoying it, but our aim of course is to keep the momentum growing and be a go to place for people who want to have a good time.

Chris of REDPLANET – Choreography

Do you have any other interests?

Wrestling! I love wrestling, acting as well. Getting into acting and then possibly getting into wrestling were among my top interests and dreams when I was younger. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to explore or delve into both worlds in some capacity, but even if I don’t, I’ll always love them regardless.

Where can people find you? Socials etc.

People can find REDPLANET on YouTube at Red Planet Gaming (RPG) and THEREDPLANETFILMS, on Twitter @RichieRich93_, @REDPLANETFILMS, and @chrispopzz.

We’re also on Instagram @redplanetgaming, @richierich_ardo93, and @_popzzz.

We also just relaunched our podcast titled ‘Red Planet Podcast: Reboot’ available on Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Stitcher, Spotify and more, and we very seldom upload clips on TikTok as well.

We’re pretty much almost everywhere except for Tumblr and MySpace!

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