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Games: Streamer Sitdown | Part 5 – Ashley Rose-Nova

TWM Games Jade-Louise sat down with Ashley Rose Nova to discuss all things streaming, gaming and more! 

Ashley Rose Nova was born in Texas, describing herself as the pro-wrestling writer that you may not know of, but your favourite wrestler and favourite wrestler’s wrestler knows of, she has been a pro-wrestling writer for 6 years, Ashley has competed in Maxim, Jetset, and INKED

Why should someone new watch your content? 

Not sure. Either way it will be there.

What inspired you to get into/got you into Streaming?

I used to stream on and off. Never had the time to commit to it. I always wanted to because I enjoy interacting with people.

Has the Pandemic affected the way you game?

Somewhat. I think it has affected a lot of things in general.

What’s your favourite game to stream? 

Well back then I would stream Tekken and DMC late at night. This year I plan on expanding to other fighting games and a few exclusives.

Favourite Game Genre? And why?

Fighting Games, Retro, and some RPGs. Mainly because it’s what I grew up with.

Favourite music genre? And why?

Metal & Punk. Grew up around it and I dig it.

Favourite band/singer?

The Clash

Preferred platform?


Which Streaming capture do you use? 

OBS, Elgato

Do you have any sponsorships/are you open to them?

Yes, I have a few. They are all listed on my Twitch About page. You can access all my links via my linktree

Favourite Twitch streamer?

So Many. Kenny Omega when he had his own Youtube. A few to name are Xianmsg, Brian_f, Shibuya_kaho, CDAWGVA, Blametruthoc, Beyondrome, and there are so many to name. There are also channels like DreamHack and Capcom too that I enjoy.

What’s your favourite thing about Streaming? 

Interacting with people.

What are your goals for this year?

To try and take over the world.

Where do you see your channel in five years?

5 times bigger 😀

Do you have any other interests?

Reading, anime, documentaries, horror, sci-fi, bad 80s & 90s action films, manga, food, caffeine, and arts & crafts.

Where can people find you?

Twitter & Instagram are @ARoseCPE

You can find me on Twitch – Twitch.tv/ashrosecpe

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