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Games: Street Fighter V – Spring Update 2021 Recap

On April 6th 2021, Capcom held a spring update stream. Information regarding the Season 5 Street Fighter roster was released. The update stream also included information on costumes for other characters, merchandise collaboration with Zedd, and the official launch date for Rose.

Oro Announcement

Oro originally appearing in Street Fighter III will be making his way to Street Fighter V. He will still have his classic move set. Including but not limited to leap attack, double jump, and a new move called Tsuranekeashi.

V-Trigger I: Manrikitan

V-Skill I: Onibi

V-Trigger II: Tengu Stone

V-Skill II: Minomushi

ZEDD X Street Fighter

Zedd is a Grammy-winning producer. He has had singles with Hayley Williams and Selena Gomez. During the Update stream, Zedd announced his collaboration with limited-edition merchandise. In this announcement, he expressed his love for the franchise. Zedd loves gaming and wanted to be more connected to the gaming community. He congratulated the Street Fighter team. During the pandemic, he was unable to tour and dedicated more time to gaming. There are three items two hoodies and one Ryu shirt. The items are currently available.

ROSE Release Date

Rose first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha in 1995. Rose has been determined to annihilate Bison, since being introduced. She is a fortune teller from Italy.

Street Fighter 5 director, Takayuki Nakayama stated that the character’s development has been reworked compared to her last appearance in Street Fighter IV. The approach is a more technical style with new combos with extensive move sets that will be challenging to counter.

V-Trigger I: Soul Dimension- Teleportation to locations.

V-Skill I: Soul Fortune- Use of Tarot Cards.

V-Trigger II: Soul Illusion

V-Skill II: Soul Satellite

Tarot Cards Revealed

The Tower: (Green) Decrease opponent’s damage.

The Chariot:(Red) Increase in damage from attack.

The Magician: (White) V-Gauge increase.

Death: (Purple) Opponent’s chip damage increases

Chip Damage- Block Damage (damage from blocking an attack from special moves)

Multiple hits cause can cause the most chip damage. SF V made updates regarding chip damage. Normal attacks will lower the health bar, however, provisional damage is leftover. Allowing damage that can be recovered back from pre-contact.

Street Fighter V, Rose release date is April 19, 2021.

Quick Look at Akira

A quick look at a new character in development by the name of Akira was shown. Keep an eye out on Capcom as the developers stated she will be shown more in the future.

New costumes: Vega, Seth, and Juri.

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