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Games: The Biggest Producers of Videos Games – Summer 2021

Do you know about the most prominent players in the video game developer market right now? Stick with us as we walk you through some of the very best and biggest producers in 2021 and why you may want to start investing in them.

What are video game producers?

Video game producers are companies that develop new video games. The term is also used as a job title within these companies. It refers to the person who oversees all of the production, from graphics and narratives to music and more. There are many global game developers, and these usually own smaller studios in different countries to tap into various markets. Some developers will focus on a particular niche, such as sporty or first-person shooter titles. Others create across niches.

Should I invest?

Online and video gaming is tipped to enter a new golden period. Gaming has continually developed in line with technological advancements. For example, video games were revolutionized when the internet came around, and players could play against each other worldwide. Now is an exciting time as 5G connectivity is being rolled out, and significant strides are being made in AR and VR gaming. Not to leave out the explosive popularity of eSports gaming competitions. It might just be an optimum time to start trading video game stocks on big markets when all trends are pointing towards the development of gaming, as tech companies are enabling major growth for online and hardware-based entertainment. It is safe to say that investors from all levels now have their eyes turned towards the gaming industry and what is to come.

What are the best video game developers in 2021?

1.   Nintendo

Japan’s Nintendo remains on the podium after decades of success. They reportedly made over $12 billion last year, thanks to their most successful title Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

2.   Activision Blizzard

Of course, the creators of the Call of Duty series were going to be on our list. And it was their latest COD release that helped earn them over $8 billion in gaming revenue throughout 2020 alone.

3.   Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (EA) is the best developer when it comes to the sports genre. Madden and FIFA remain their prize creations, and it was FIFA 21 that helped them earn over $5 billion last year. Interestingly, FIFA consistently outperforms Madden because more of the world watch football than American football.

4.   Epic Games

Epic Games is the developer behind the massively successful Fortnite titles, including the latest release Fortnite Save the World. They’ve actually been around for two decades but shot to fame with the Fortnite series, proving that some companies make for exceptional growth stocks.

5.   Tencent

You may not be as familiar with Tencent as you are with the names above, but Tencent is, in fact, the most profitable game developer last year. Based in China, they have access to a colossal gaming market. The Honour of Kings was their flagship listing last year. Tencent also owns the American-based Riot Games who are responsible for creating League of Legends.

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