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GCW: Bloodsport 6 Results | April 8th 2021 – FITE.Tv

The following results are from a recent Game Changer Wrestling event. The event took place on April 8th, 2021 at The Cuban Club in Ybor City, Florida and aired live on FITE TV.

NOTE: Matches can only be won by knockout, submission, disqualification or referee’s decision.

Bloodsport MATCH #1
Karen Tran defeated Janai Kai via submission.

Bloodsport MATCH #2
Matt Makowski defeated Heddi Karaoui via submission.

Bloodsport MATCH #3
Bad Dude Tito defeated Victor Benjamin (w/Lady Frost) via submission.

Bloodsport MATCH #4
Simon Grimm defeated Alexander James via submission.

Bloodsport MATCH #5
Alex Coughlin defeated Royce Isaacs via submission.

Bloodsport MATCH #6
Super Beast defeated SHLAK via disqualification.

Bloodsport 6 MATCH #7
Allysin Kay defeated Masha Slamovich via referee’s decision.

Bloodsport MATCH #8
Lio Rush vs. Yoya via submission.

Bloodsport 6 MATCH #9
Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated KTB via knockout.

Bloodsport MATCH #10
Chavo Guerrero Jr defeated Rocky Romero via referee’s decision.

Bloodsport 6 MATCH #11
Chris Dickinson defeated Shane Mercer via submission.

Bloodsport MATCH #12
Josh Barnett defeated Jon Moxley via referee’s decision.

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