GCW: Bloodsport 8 Results | March 31st 2022

GCW Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 8 event marks the return Bloodsport series. The show is the first of the three GCW events to air on March 31, 2022 from Fair Park in Dallas, TX. The event will feature shoot MMA-style wrestling matches where a win can only be achieved via Knockout or Submission. The wrestling ring is also removed for a simple ring canvas.

1Masha Slamovich vs Janai KaiSingles MatchMasha Slamovich
2Yoya vs Ninja MackSingles MatchNinja Mack
3Bad Dude Tito vs Royce IsaacsSingles MatchRoyce Isaacs
4SLADE vs Alex CoughlinSingles MatchAlex Coughlin
5John Hennigan vs Simon GotchSingles MatchJohn Hennigan
6Marina Shafir vs Zeda ZhangSingles MatchMarina Shafir
7Timothy Thatcher vs JR KratosSingles MatchJR Kratos
8Yuya Uemura vs Mike BaileySingles MatchYuya Uemura
9Josh Barnett vs JonahSingles MatchJosh Barnett
10Jon Moxley vs Biff BusickSingles MatchJon Moxley
11Minoru Suzuki vs Chris DickinsonSingles MatchChris Dickinson

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