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Get To Know The Writers: Amber McCrudden

Get To Know The Writers is a new series brought to you by TWM, in this fifth instalment we meet a lover of all things punk and witchy, TWM Japan’s own Amber McCrudden.

Amber McCrudden

Who is Amber McCrudden?

Hey there, you may know me from Twitter as Bam In Real Life or just Bam. I love coffee [I need caffeine to function on some level], Punk music, gothic literature and cute things.

I’ve been writing since I was a child, poems are where I started, and now I get to write about my passions for you all to read [and to get what is in my brain out]. I’ve been blogging on and off in some capacity for almost ten years, but this year I have started taking it seriously, you can find some of my work over at my website here.

I was brought into TWM back in August 2020 and since then it’s been all go, I have a keen interest in the history of Women’s Wrestling, but my main love and what put me on the path of becoming an organiser of TWM Japan. With no one available and knowing New Japan Pro-Wrestling and the Japanese wrestling scene, I took the opportunity to show what I could do. Since then I have coordinated with a team of passionate writers, but I always want to achieve more, I’m goal-driven and passionate and that often leads me to need to sleep for a good week after a lengthy tournament cycle.

Since starting at TWM I have had the confidence to branch out and talk about other issues and feelings on my own personal website, and I now even contribute an opinion piece column, and other work, with the wonderful people over at WLW [Women Love Wrestling] you can get the book right now on Kindle or in print on Amazon.

On top of all of this, I’m a mother, who is very proud of her child and the confidence I have instilled in her, she is the greatest thing I have ever made. When I’m not being a parent, or writing about wrestling, I focus on my other passions of Photography, Art, Embroidery, Classic Films and Podcasting.

When did you get into wrestling?

I got into wrestling in the summer of 1997, myself and my family had just moved house and I met the boy next door, as it turned out he and his brother loved wrestling and showed me the wonders of it. 

You can hear more about my journey back to wrestling after the death of Eddie Guerrero on Season 1 of the Ren & Bam Bam Show here.

What is it like being a Woman who works in wrestling media?

It can be hard and there is definitely a double standard sometimes which comes with entering an arena that has been a boys club for so long.  When I first got back into wrestling full time and started tweeting and interacting with other fans I found that my opinions were sometimes not valued and being shut down by male fans.  Coming to wrestling from a female perspective can sometimes be hard for people to handle and I’ve had some terrible interactions with people that have bigger accounts and their “fans” but I have also made some amazing and supportive friends, even finding work writing about something I am passionate about. 

People like Tom Campbell [Cultaholic], Omega Luke, Mr Warren Hayes & Conrad who runs nearfalls.com have been beacons of light and encouraging of me and other female fans and writers, being supportive of everyone and their voice in this industry is important in creating a healthy dialogue that I hope we can do more of moving forward at TWM.

Amber McCrudden
AJ Photography | Ravensworth |OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA | 2014

What is your opinion on the progress female wrestlers have made in the industry?

From when I first started watching wrestling in the late ’90s to now the progress of women’s wrestling has come on leaps and bounds, as has my knowledge of the art.  I am a huge fan of pre-1970s women’s wrestling and Joshi which is where my interest has really peaked.  We have seen women main event WrestleMania in the last few years, Divas finally being recognised as Superstars and a newfound interest in the women of the Japanese and Indy wrestling scene.  With the rise of the Four Horsewomen in NXT/WWE, Japanese imports including the likes of Io Shirai, Asuka and Kairi Sane and the work that IMPACT Wrestling has done to elevate their Knockouts division, I think we will see more women allowed to rise to the occasion and the top of the card.  For me, women’s wrestling isn’t just a way to please everyone or create a sense of equality, but it’s about giving the women who work their butts off, putting on amazing matches a chance to shine and show they are just as good as the men and sometimes even better.

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Top 5 wrestlers:

All Time: Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero, Jushin “Thunder” Liger, Arn Anderson, Ricky Steamboat.

Current: Jon Moxley, Tetsuya Naito, Sami Zayn, Io Shirai & Sasha Banks.

Casablanca at 75: fascinating facts about one of the most famous films of  all time | CBC Radio

Top 5 Movies you would recommend?

Casablanca, Dan In Real Life, Dr.Strangelove, North by Northwest & Sabrina.

Top 5 songs that have got you through Lockdown?

  • Satisfied by the Cast of Hamilton
  • Dead Horse by Hayley Williams
  • The Haunting by Misfits
  • Doom Days by Bastille
  • Crystal Clear by Hayley Williams

You can listen to the playlist here

5 articles that you would say sum up your writing style:

Amber McCrudden
Amber McCruddenhttp://baminreallife.com
HOD at TWM:Japan | Podcaster |Stylist |Deathmatch Lover |Mother |Nutella the Hun |Queen of the Alpacas | “A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous…” — Ingrid Bergman

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