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Get To Know The Writers: Ashley Rose Nova

Get To Know The Writers is a new series brought to you by TWM, in the first in this series we meet the wonderful Ashley Rose Nova.

Twitter & IG:@ARoseCPE

Who is Ashley Rose Nova?

Ashley Rose Nova born in Texas, the pro-wrestling writer that you may not know of, but your favourite wrestler and favourite wrestler’s wrestler knows of. I have been a pro-wrestling writer for 6 years. I am mommy’s little monster. Daddy’s disappointment and disaster. I am the girl with the tattoos and purple or pink hair, that is lewd with a college degree that is not being used. In addition, to my writing, I dig metal & punk music, Hip Hop culture, fighting games, anime, comics, horror & sci-fi, and reading. I do my best to stand out and be different. I am also unapologetic for my work. Canadian Wrestling is my known thing, but I have contributed to every style and almost every promotion in the industry today.

Ashley Rose Nova

I have competed in Maxim, Jetset, and INKED. Being described as a natural-born angel with a dirty face. I also love animals, cats and dogs. My favourite foods are ramen, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, steak, and pizza. I stan JCVD, Godzilla, and have a dislike for Steven Seagal films. I post motivational quotes on my social media both unoriginal and original. I am still here working and building this house the way I see it should be. Pro-wrestling is what you make of it and I am making a lot of it.
And I did it my way.

When did you get into wrestling?

I can’t even remember. It has always been in my life since I was a child. Wrestling has always been a big deal in my family. Especially Lucha Libre.

What is it like being a Woman who works in wrestling media?

At times difficult. You must have thick skin. People are highly opinionated and sometimes unaware of your contributions. Other people will make assumptions about you when what they skew as reality is a horrible distortion of their reality. The best advice I can give is that it is easy to get caught up in life. Just remember to be different, genuine, stand out, and remember things don’t run you. You run things in your own life. The harder you grind it will be seen and known. You can be hated and loved. Important thing is that you are not ignored.

What is your opinion on the progress female wrestlers have made in the industry?

I feel the progress is fantastic this year. I am extremely proud of all the women’s divisions in every promotion. They have really raised the bar as performers and athletes. They have all gone out there and proven that women’s wrestling can be universally entertaining and can main event. Delivering just as well or even better than their counterparts.

Top 5 wrestlers of all time:

Owen Hart, Jushin Thunder Liger, Naomichi Marufuji, Jazz & Chris Jericho

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Top 5 Movies you would recommend

A Clockwork Orange, Evil Dead 2, Bloodsport, Captain America – The First Avenger & Donnie Darko

Top 5 songs that have got you through Lockdown?

  • Janie Jones – The Clash,
  • Telling Them – Social Distortion,
  • Love Her Madly – The Doors,
  • You and Me – Yelawolf,
  • My Michelle – Guns-N-Roses

Much easier to ask my top albums *laughing* – You can listen to the playlist here

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