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Impact: 10 Wrestlers Whose Contributions Have Been Forgotten About

From its humble beginnings in 2002 into the present Impact Wrestling has seen some of the most talented men and women create fantastic matches, moments and legacies that have stood the test of time but while names like AJ Styles, Beer Money Inc., Gail Kim among others have been celebrated by the company and its fan base for revolutionizing the business, there are a handful of names that have come and gone through TNA/Impact that are just as responsible for creating history in the company’s long and storied tenure but sadly their work and influence has been forgotten. But today, I’ll be giving these 10 forgotten Men and Women the recognition they rightfully deserve when it comes to their work in TNA/Impact Wrestling.

History is filled with people whose contributions have been completely overshadowed by the hard work and publicity of others and that especially goes for Professional Wrestling.

10. Kid Kash

Reports state Kid Kash is gone from TNA while he denies as much - Cageside  Seats

The X Division has been the home to so many talented high flyers in professional wrestling over the years with many of them having their accolades being forgotten.

An example of this is Kid Kash, who wrestled in TNA/Impact Wrestling first from 2002-05 and then from 2010-13. During his first run with the company Kash battled with some of the most well-respected legends of the industry from Dusty Rhodes to “Rowdy” Roddy Piper to Ricky Morton of the Rock n’ Roll Express, he also won the X Division Championship from Sonny Siaski in February of 2003 feuding with names like Amazing Red and AJ Styles.

One of the more lesser-known parts of his career at this time, saw Kash teaming with Dallas aka Lance Hoyt aka Lance Archer to become two times NWA Tag Team Champions with both reigns lasting a combined total of 57 days. Kash would leave TNA in 2005 and would wrestle in the WWE from 05-06 where he won the cruiserweight championship and as well as forming a tag team with Jamie Noble called “The Pitbulls” a gimmick that was first used in the original ECW.

Speaking of ECW, after the 2010 Hardcore Justice PPV which was meant to celebrate the legacy of the ECW originals, Kash would eventually get re-signed with the company in 2011 where his most notable work saw him wrestle a dark match with Okada (which saw the Japanese Superstar victorious), feuding with a young pro wrestler named Jesse Sorensen, battle with Austin Aries for the X Division Championship at Final Resolution 2011 and even faced against Hernandez at Slammiversary 2012 to a losing effort.

Kash would be gone from the company in 2013 and has been seen wrestling in the independent scene for some time however he did reappear in Impact Wrestling as recently as March of 2020 when he went one-on-one with Moose on an episode of Impact as well as participating in a tag team that saw Kash team with Johnny Swinger against former X Division Champions, Suicide and TJP.

9. Douglas Williams

While he’s best known in his home country of England, Douglas “Doug” Williams’ work in Impact has been overlooked in the company’s history and it’s kinda easy to see why he’s been forgotten about.

First appearing on Xplosion in a match against “Cowboy” James Storm, Doug Williams was sporadically seen in TNA in the late 2000s during the company’s various tours to the United Kingdom not to mention his participation in various X Division matches and the 2008 World X Cup tournament.

But it was his association with the all heel British trio ‘The British Invasion” alongside Magnus and Rob Terry that really propelled him into the minds of mainstream fans. Williams would win the TNA World Tag Team Championship and well as the IWGP Tag Team Titles with Magnus, however it was this reign with the New Japan tag titles that proved to be controversial and was seen as one of the many reasons as to why the partnership between TNA and NJPW would come to an end.

Doug Williams, Brutus Magnus et Rob Terry | British invasion, Doug  williams, Professional wrestling

In the early 2010’s the British Invasion was split up leaving the Magnus to become a regular on TNA Xplosion, Rob Terry would win the TNA Global Championship and Doug Williams would defeat Amazing Red to become the TNA X Division Champion and it was during this time when Williams started to come into his own as a singles competitor.

During this point in time, the technically savvy British wrestler would begin to wage war on the entire X Division by calling them a bunch of flying monkeys or acrobats jumping around in a circus and it was up to him to make the belt feel more like a war course championship (similar to the WWE Intercontinental title back in the day).  

Williams would become a two time X Division before losing the belt to Jay Lethal on a 2010 episode of Impact. Williams would temporarily join the faction known as Fortune before turning babyface on them and beginning a feud with AJ Styles for the newly renamed TNA T.V. Championship including an impeccable matchup between the two men at Final Resolution 2010, which saw Williams become the champion.

While the following years would see Williams make sporadic appearances on Impact T.V., he was able to create quite a career for himself in TNA’s mid-card and X division, sadly due to the company’s inconsistency and mishandling of their mid-card title, Williams time in TNA is usually overlooked, however, if you want to see the man’s work during this time in the company I would advertise you watch it on the Impact Plus app. 

8. Jacqueline “Jackie” Moore

Ask any Impact fans: Who was Gail Kim’s greatest rival? and they’ll respond with the obvious answers of Awesome Kong, Angelina Love and Taryn Terrell; however there is one person who needs to be in that discussion and that would be the former WWF/E Women’s and Cruiserweight Champion, Jacqueline Moore.

Arriving in TNA in the mid-2000’s Jacqueline also referred to as Jackie was among one of the most popular female wrestlers during a time when women’s wrestling was about TNA (and I mean the Tits N Ass variety). 

Soon enough she would go on to become the new valet for a newly heeled “Cowboy” James Storm as “The Pride of Tennessee”, of course, caused problems as Gail Kim was Storm’s previous valet and she didn’t take kindly to Storm berating and replacing her which led to Gail and Jackie competing in a series of matches in the early stages of what would eventually become the Knockouts Division’s.

From their street fights and mix tag team matches on Impact television to their steel cage match at Lockdown 2007, Gail and Jackie showed wrestling fans a glimpse of what women’s wrestling could become long before WWE’s women revolution would happen almost a decade later.

But Miss Jackie’s contributions to the company don’t just end there as she was also an important part of Beer Money Inc.’s success as tag team champions from 2008-09 with her interference and distractions causing either James Storm or Bobby Roode to pick up the win and retain their tag team titles. Jackie would return to the company in 2013 working with and wrestling against former Knockouts Champion, ODB in a number of sporadic appearances. Sadly, the WWE Hall of Famer has been forgotten in Impacts history.

Jacqueline: photos | WWE
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