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Impact/AAA: Kenny Omega is the ‘Best Anywhere He Goes’

Omega at Impact: Final Resolution

The Machine Gun Karl Anderson meets with Omega and Callis in their bus. They speak and reminisce the times in Japan. The Machine Gun states they are still running the wrestling world and how they would speak of those times in Japan. The Invisible Hand tells Anderson, he should be able to beat Ethan Page in no time. Omega and Callis begin to hype up The Machine Gun Karl Anderson into being the man he was in Japan.

AAA Lucha Libre Triple Mania XXVIII

On December 12, 2020, AAA Lucha Libra held their biggest show of the year. This would be the first time in the history of the promotion that there would be no audience in attendance. The Best Bout Machine, Kenny Omega would defend his MegaCampeonato against Laredo Kid.

Omega would enter the venue with his longtime friend Michael Nakazawa. As the match began Omega showed a strong dominance over Laredo Kid in the ring. When comparing the sizes of both the men, it was clear this would be a difficult situation or predicament for the luchador.

The Cleaner would take Laredo Kid to the barricade. Slamming his back on the top of it. At this point it was clear. This was not the same Kenny Omega that Mexico knew. He was something more. Something that became an overpowering presence in the company known as AAA.

Kid would start to work on Omega’s knees. This would be an attempt to cut down Omega. As the match continued Kenny would take Kid over to the announcer area. Attacking the man that came out to support Laredo Kid, Vikingo.  The two men were able to outwit Omega and Nakazawa, removing them both temporarily.

Omega would go for his Rise of the Terminator. However, Laredo would quickly dog it and Kenny would collide in Michael. The match continued. There was no quit in the luchador. He attempted his Phoenix Slash, but Omega followed him with a striking V-Trigger to the face. Stopping Kid momentarily.  Laredo Kid would get up and continue. The match contained a memorable Spanish fly from Kid to Omega and Kid slowing down Omega for a moment with a sasori-gatame, standing knee lock submission. Omega would grasp the ropes and the lock was removed.

The night continued with the two at war for the championship. Omega attempted the one-winged angel, but Laredo Kid would exit out of it by rolling out. There was little fight left in him. However, at the end of the night, Kenny Omega would land his finisher the one-winged angel from the top rope.

Kenny Omega retains his championship.

The Best Bout Machine spoke to + Lucha after the match. He stated that someone must be the best in the world. It is his job but most of all his responsibility to share it with the world. He was given this as a gift of being the best. He commented on his opponent Laredo Kid, he is fantastic, and his wrestling is beautiful. Kenny Omega shares passion with the audience at home. He knows somewhere at home the fans are with him. Omega is ready for his next opponent.


The Cleaner, with his confidence, speaks of the distinctions of AEW, Impact Wrestling, and AAA Lucha Libre performers. That no matter what promotion he is in or what promotion he is competing in. He will dominate their divisions.

Who will take on the man known as The Best Bout Machine? Is there anyone in any promotion that can match the status quo of The Cleaner? Kenny Omega will continue to the next promotion, proving that he may in fact be the best in the world. His ability to influence audiences around the world and feel emotion with no live audience. Can only be described as an art form.


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