Impact/AEW: Omega Man and the Cost of Dreams

There is a cost of genius and making history. The choice of decisions. The will to live on in the dreams of generations. To inspire others and sometimes someone’s presence can accidently overshadow others. One cannot compute the enormous star that is Kenny Omega. The greatest narratives will always be recollected or even depicted in their original form.

Kenny Omega is still one of the most dominant champions in the world. The Cleaner’s accomplishments are not only in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, but they range from All Japan, Canadian promotions, DDT Pro, Jersey All-Pro, PWG, and winning more than a few Best Bout Awards.

Kenny Omega and Don Callis are a family unit. Demonstrating that your psyche is the greatest instrument a visual individual can have. When it comes to pro-wrestling, Don Callis and Kenny Omega are on a unique level of awareness.

“Nurture beats nature, every time.”-Don Callis

Impact Rebellion:

The night everyone in the pro-wrestling has waited for. On April 25, 2021, Rich Swann would face Kenny Omega in a title versus title match. The winner of this match will become the champion and represent both promotions. Tony Khan and Scott D’Amore would watch as the match took place.

The match began Swann kept delivering exchange after exchange. Omega kept dominating the ring. The more Rich Swann fought, the more The Best Bout Machine delivered. Hitting the Impact Champion V-Trigger after V-Trigger. Dragon Suplex after Dragon Suplex. Swann kept clawing and fighting his way throughout the match. Trying to keep what was near and dear to him. The championship held so much pride in. The company that saved him. The fans who believed in him. Rich Swann is a man that battles with his heart. The Impact Wrestling official was taken out by Omega. It was up to Aubrey Edwards to gain control of the ring. Kenny attempted to bring in a chair, but Edwards removed the chair from him. She was going to be fair and call it down the middle. The Impact ref was able to come back into the ring. Swann attempted his signature Phoenix Splash, but it did not connect.

In the end, The Best Bout Machine hit Swann with one final V-Trigger to his cranium. The match closed with the One-Winged Angel. Kenny Omega would now become The Belt Collector. Holding the AEW, AAA, and now Impact World Championships.

The Lesson of Kenny Omega…

Look inside yourself and find your strength. Real power is never granted, it is taken with determination.

Tales and dreams are ideas of reality. By creating the age of storytelling. In-ring psychology is about shadows. Moments and movements shadowed by one another. Each competitor engages and works off one another. There are cost in telling good stories. The audience watches each win and each loss. They feel the impact and emotion. Feeling of loss or the feeling of a win. The inclusion of fans and communities, even as they work. Does the work make us? Omega through out the years has shown audience love, madness, and determination.

Kenny Omega has won titles around the world. He has won Best Bout Awards. At Impact Rebellion he has won the world title. The legacy of tonight will live on in the dreams of this generation to the next generation and beyond. However, you may dislike him or admire him. His legacy will continue for the future generation. It’s fitting that he and Impact have a large catalogue of legacies, by pushing limits to no boundaries. To become a legend, you must live on in the dreams of generations.

Dreams do come true…

“I chose you but you didn’t choose me” – Kenny Omega (AEW Dynamite March 24, 2021)

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