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Impact/AEW: Who challenges Kenny Omega for the AEW World Title? (2020)

After AEW Dynamite’s Winter is Coming, Kenny Omega was crowned champion for the promotion. In the series of events that occurred that night. The unthinkable happened. The Best Bout Machine left with the man, known as, The Invisible Hand. Don Callis is one of the EVP’s of Impact Wrestling and attended the event as a guest commentator on Dynamite for Omega’s match. The two left promptly after Kenny Omega won the title from Jon Moxley. Callis stated an explanation would be made on Impact Wrestling. Now that we are in the next chapter of speculation of AEW merging with Impact Wrestling, let us look at some potential challengers from Impact for The Best Bout Machine.

Eric Young:

Eric Young is a veteran in Impact Wrestling. He returned at Slammiversary as a World Class Maniac. He viciously attacked Rich Swann with the attempt of ending his career. He is one of five men to an Impact Grand Slam Champion. Wrestling all over the world at different and all major promotions. Young has held titles for over 11 promotions. He wanted to show and prove nothing can stand in his or Impact Wrestling’s way without consequences. Young returned as a dangerous man and there would be no better way to display his skills than a match with Omega.  


Moose is Mr Impact Wrestling; he is a large man that is powerful in his presence. Recently Moose did lose his way by stealing the TNA World Championship, that was stored away in the office. The TNA World Championship would make its way to the Impact Rebellion specials. He survived and conquered a standoff with EC3. In a dramatic sequence of events at an undisclosed location match at Bound for Glory. Moose proved that he is in control of his own narrative and he can not be defeated at one of the biggest nights of the promotion. Perhaps this champion would be a great match for the AEW Champion.

Alex Shelley:

Alex Shelley is known as one of the best technical wrestlers around the world. He is a veteran in his craft with the ability to outwork his opponent. Shelley made his return to Impact Wrestling, with Chris Sabin as Motor City Machine Guns, at Slammiversary, after a brief retirement. Omega has to face Shelley before at New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Where The Cleaner stated he has cleaned up the garbage and he will be cleaning up American garbage. Shelley has faced Omega in three different types of tag matches in 2015 at NJPW. On March 3, 2015, the two would have epic singles match at Dontaku for the IWGP Jr. Heavy Weight Title. Omega retained the title that night, but the two would become legendary as jr. heavyweights. Years later, it may be time for a rematch.

Chris Bey:

Chris Bey is one of the fastest rising stars. He is a former X-Division champion and goes beyond the limits of any competitor. Bey is highly athletic and charismatic he dethroned Willie Mack at Slammiversary for the X-Division Championship. He would eventually lose to the current X-Division Champion Rohit Raju in a three-way match. He is remarkable and recognized in the independent wrestling scene at promotions such as Future Stars of Wrestling and Maverick Pro Wrestling. He has proven himself as one of the best in-ring performers and will be taking part in the NJPW Super J Cup, where he will make an impact around the world.

As Omega and Callis head to Impact Wrestling with the AEW title after a match with Jon Moxley. The question remains who can take on Kenny Omega with The Invisible Hand by his side. Other questions remain about the AAA Title as well. Will both titles be eligible to be defended at Impact Wrestling? Or will only the AEW Championship be up for grabs?

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