Impact: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers Giants in Pro-Wrestling

On January 16, 2021, Impact Wrestling’s anticipated PPV Hard to Kill aired. The main event includes one of the best tag teams in the world The Good Brothers and The Best Bout Machine Kenny Omega. The team faced the Impact Champion Rich Swann, Chris Sabin, and Moose. Alex Shelley was originally scheduled to be in the match. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, he would not be able to complete in the main event. Shelley issued a statement with Impact and an apology for the last-minute switch.

This is Hard to Kill…

Team Impact would prepare to go to war with The Good brother and Kenny Omega. It would be uncertain if the men of Impact Wrestling would be prepared for what was ahead of them. Which Kenny Omega would they face? Would it be The Cleaner? Would it be The Best Bout Machine?

Doc Gallows would comment stating they have been planning this for years. Alex Shelley would comment that it is an AEW problem and does not sound like an Impact problem.

Omega would speak of the win and loss record. He feels no remorse. Remorse is for the weak. Don Callis would state to get power, you have to take it. The Invisible Hand continued to speak of Omega being a god in pro-wrestling. Advising everyone that they are insects or ants compared to their next level consciousness.

“Let me ask you a question? Does a man feel remorse of the ant that he steps on, on his way to the grocery store?”-Kenny Omega

The Cleaner and Callis speak of Tony Khan as an intellect but he attracts leeches from the wrestling business. That those people are sucking him dry. Don Callis says this is a lesson to Khan. Scott D’Amore was excited to have Kenny Omega at Impact Wrestling. D’Amore compliments Don’s intelligence but speaks of Bullet Club needs to bring their “A” Game.

Night of Hard to Kill…

Team Impact: Rich Swann, Chris Sabin, and Moose would enter the ring. The outcome would be uncertain as to who would pick up the win in the squared circle. This was bound to be one of the most anticipated in-ring debuts in pro-wrestling, of The Best Bout Machine, Kenny Omega. The Good Brothers would enter the ring in their Bullet Club gear. Then Kenny Omega would make his entrance in a Halloween Bullet Club shirt. Their statements in their entrances are clear with the choice of clothing for battle.  

Team Impact would show determination and drive at the beginning of the match. Sabin and Swann would demonstrate their dives. Then adding Mr. Impact, Moose in their triple team moves. Proving that Moose is Team Impact, regardless of the previous situations and difficulties he had with Swann. Moose would size up to Omega as a challenge. Eventually, landing his Spanish fly from the top rope on The Cleaner.

The Good Brother would recover and assist Omega. Allowing Omega to gain the control he needed, to dominate the match. The Impact Champion would come face to face with the AEW World Champion. Swann would hit his 450 splash on Omega. However, it was not enough to keep The Best Bout Machine down. After a couple of V-Triggers. Kenny Omega would land, the finisher that no man has ever kicked out of, the One-Winged Angel.

Kenny Omega had won by pin at Impact Wrestling.

Fans Reactions:

Impact Wrestling Announces Rebellion

Omega, The Good Brothers, and Callis will continue their plans dominating the pro-wrestling world. Callis and Omega stated they have multiple plans in place if for some reason plans A through C fail. In fact, they have plans for every letter in the alphabet.  These men will continue their reign around the world, without any regret. Only viewing success and triumph in their futures. Carrying the business known as pro-wrestling in the palms of their hands, like giants in mythology.  

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