IMPACT Wrestling: Bound for Glory 2020 Results | October 24th 2020

A night filled with surprises as IMPACT Wrestling presented their biggest event of the year Bound For Glory, new champions were crowned and returns were made, here’s what happened at Bound for Glory!

X Division Championship Match

The X Division title was on the line in the opening contest, champion Rohit so far has always found a way to escape with his title and tonight was no different. As when it looked like someone was about to take the title from him he always found a way to keep the match going. All of the competitors at some point squared off with each other in every combination you can think of. But the finish would come after Grace managed to pull off the Grace driver on Trey, but Rohit would take out Grace by pushing her from the top rope onto Mack and Bey. TJP would climb to the top and deliver the mamba splash to Trey but once again Rohit snuck in and took out TJP leaving him to steal the pin on Trey and the victory.

X Division Championship : Rohit Raju (C) def Trey, TJP, Willie Mack, Chris Bey and Jordynne Grace :

Backstage and some of the competitors in the call your shot gauntlet are preparing themselves as Jimmy Jacobs tells them to make their way to the curtain. Heath and Rhino are talking and clearly all that’s at stake is getting to Rhino but fortunately Heath reminds him who he is and sends him off all fired up.

Call Your Shot Gauntlet

The contracts of Heath and Rhino are at stake as the War Machine enters at number one, at number two is the return of former X Division champion Daivari, who would later be eliminated by Brian Myers. Myers would go on to make several eliminations including Swoggle and Tommy Dreamer. He would eventually get eliminated by the returning James Storm. The Cowboy got to final four along with Rhino, Heath and Sami Callihan. Callihan would eliminate both Storm and Heath who sadly picked up an injury. The final two were Sami and Rhino meaning the two now faced each other in a one on one match. Callihan would attempt his piledriver but Rhino managed to escape before delivering a gore and securing the Call your shot trophy and the contracts for himself and Heath.

Undisclosed Location: Moose Vs. EC3

Moose arrives at the location and is immediately met by people in free EC3 jackets and face masks. Moose and EC3 step into the ring that is in the middle of this hall. The two start laying in heavy shots and after a while, Moose sends EC3 face-first into exposed turnbuckles, which causes EC3 to be busted open. Moose takes the momentum and keeps asking EC3 why he’s been tormenting him but he refuses to answer. EC3 then manages to get Moose in a full guard position. Whilst laying in shots EC3 returns the favour by busting open Moose. The two would continue the brawl until Moose starts driving the TNA World Championship into the head of EC3. He tells Moose to control his own narrative and become a monster. Moose questions EC3 and asks if that’s really what he wanted. As EC3 screamed Yes, Moose screamed “Thank You” and drove the TNA World Championship once again into the head of EC3 this time leaving him unconscious.

Ken Shamrock def. Eddie Edwards:

The new Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock with Sami Callihan by his side went straight on the attack. Making the most of his MMA background he started laying in some heavy strikes to Edwards. Who couldn’t seem to turn the momentum in his favour, Edwards tried to counter the striking and ground game of Shamrock by taking to the top rope, Eddie would even deliver the Boston knee party, but instead of covering the Hall of Famer, he would instead lock in a single leg Boston crab. Seeing this Callihan jumped onto the apron and as he distracted Edwards he would turn off the lights via his phone. Then turn them back on, he stood in the ring holding a baseball bat, but Edwards had a counter as he had Kenny the kendo stick and attacked Callihan with it. But after Edwards turned back around he was met by a belly to belly by Shamrock and put in the ankle lock which Edwards tapped almost instantly.

Impact Tag Titles:
The North def. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton, Good Brothers and MCMG (C): New Champions.

As the Motor City Machine Guns made their entrance they were attacked by both members of The North. Alexander dragged Shelley up to the top of the ramp and delivered a vicious piledriver. Which took Alex Shelley out for the match, leaving Chris Sabin to defend the tag team titles alone. The North would absolutely dominate Sabin for most of the match. Sabin would only get a break by tagging in the Good Brothers, Ace and Fulton would make the occasional tag but after the Good Brothers tried to deliver the Magic Killer on Page, Alexander would take out Gallows and Page would also end up on the outside. Anderson would roll up Alexander but as he kicked out it sent Anderson flying right into Page who drove a tag team title into his head, Alexander would cover KA and The North are the new Impact World Tag Team champions.

Knockouts Championship: Su Yung def Deonna Purrazzo (C): New Champion.

This match originally had Kylie Rae scheduled to take on Knockouts Champion but since she didn’t come out during her entrance Deonna put out an open invitation. That was accepted by Su Yung, Purrazzo was shocked as she thought she had dealt with her. But that was SÜSIE. Su went straight after the champion laying in vicious palm strikes whilst the champion was focused in on the arm of Sü. Su would dominate a lot of the match and eventually pulled out the glove which she uses to lock in the mandible claw, which she would attempt several times but as she locked it in the referee was down after being inadvertently knocked over earlier on. But even after Kimber Lee and Deonna attempting to once again break her arm Su managed to deliver the panic switch for the victory and to become new Knockouts Champion.

Before going to the main event we went to the commentary desk where Josh Matthews announced that on January 16 2021, there will be a second Hard To Kill pay per view and that on that night the Knockouts tag team championships will be returning and the first champions will be crowned.

IMPACT World Championship: Rich Swann def. Eric Young (C): New Champion.

From the very beginning of the match, Eric Young would set his sights on the injured leg of Swann. But the challenger would do very well in avoiding the attacks. So EY just took the fight to Swann who proved he could withstand a lot of punishment. After Swann would land awkwardly after attempting a counter headstand EY would just deliver neck breaker after brutal neckbreaker to Swann. After multiple submission attempts Swann still wouldn’t quit, he would eventually snap and take the momentum away from the champion and would hit a huge springboard cutter which he would follow up with phoenix splash for the pin and the Impact World Championship.

After the match, the entire Lockerroom emptied and filled the ring to celebrate with the new world champion Rich Swann we were left with the image of Swann on the shoulders of the Rascalz and Eddie Edwards, surrounded by the rest of the locker room.

The Replay is still available on Fite TV and will be available for pre order on DVD soon.

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