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Impact Wrestling: Final Resolution Results | December 12th 2020

Impact Wrestling presented their final major event of the year, Final Resolution on the Impact plus app. Three championships were defended, grudges were settled, family turns on Family and Champions make themselves known. All of that and more as Impact plus presented Final Resolution.

Tommy Dreamer def. Larry D:

A man’s freedom was literally on the line, Larry D did everything he could to stay a free man as he took everything he had to the innovator of violence Tommy Dreamer. The best hand in the house, despite having control of the match for quite a lot of the time and with the eventual interference from his tag team partner Acey Romero, who ended up throwing himself into a table. Tommy Dreamer would pick up the win with a DDT and the assistance of the man Larry D shot, John E. Bravo came out to make sure justice was done and Larry D is on his way to jail.

The tour bus of the AEW world champion Kenny Omega and the invisible hand Don Callis was once again parked outside the Impact Zone.

Havok and Neveah def. Sea Stars:

The reel catches were no match for the death machines of Havok and Neveah, the Ohio pairing overpowered and used their height and dominant force to put an end to the current Shimmer tag team champions. Delmi Exo would try to use her size to gain the advantage for her team but it wouldn’t last very long. Havok and Neveah showed their experience as a team by making fresh tags or surprise tags to gain the advantage, that’s exactly what happened as Neveah tagged herself in unbeknownst to their opponents. But after Havok and Dealt with Vox, she hoisted up Exo in a wheelbarrow position before Neveah delivered a cutter to pick up the win for her team.

Kaleb With a K and Tenille def. Lish and Eddie Edwards:

Throughout most of the match, Tenille Dashwood appeared to be doing pretty much anything she could to avoid locking horns with Alisha. But it seemed as though every time she did, Kaleb with a K would interject himself to make sure Dashwood kept the momentum in her favour, Tenille would also keep pushing the buttons of Eddie Edwards who by the end just wanted to get his hands on Dashwood but Kaleb would literally dive in front of Tenille to stop Eddie from getting his hands on her. Then, after Edwards, Kaleb and Tenille found themselves on the outside of the ring, Alisha would climb up to the top rope but before she could do anything the lights went down and Sami Callihan’s ICU logo would appear on the screen which had Lish distracted long enough for Tenille to throw her from the top rope and deliver the spotlight kick for the pin and the win.

Immediately after the match Sami appears from under the ring and drives his baseball bat into the eye of Eddie once again. He would then drop him with a package piledriver, before retreating he would also attempt to deliver the same fate to Lish but thankfully referees and security managed to stop him. Gia Miller is outside of the building, at the bus of Callis and Omega trying to get the scoop on why Kenny is at Final Resolution, Don Callis comes to answer and assures Gia that Kenny is just there for a family reunion.

Hernandez Def. Fallah Bahh, Special Announcer: Tasha Steelz, Special Ref: Kiera Hogan

Fallah Bahh and Super-Mex Hernandez wasted absolutely no time in charging at each other like two big bulls locking horns. Both men trying to overpower the other and the match could have perhaps gone on for less time than it actually did had the referee Kiera Hogan not have constantly delivered slow counts. As Fallah Bahh covered Hernandez after a very hard-hitting move, Hogan was too concerned with dancing as she administered the three count, causing Hernandez to kick out which led to Fallah Bahh shouting at the ref, just wanting her to do her job. Meanwhile, Hernandez had found his way up to the top rope, after a little tussle on the ropes Super-Mex delivered a big splash to Bahh picking up the win.

But as Hernandez tried to collect his money, Steelz and Hogan realized it had been taken, so they made a quick retreat backstage closely followed by Hernandez. Chris Bey is being interviewed by Gia Miller and all Bey has to say is that he’s going to remind everyone that all he needs is one shot.

Eric Young w/Joe Doering Def. Rhino

The man-beast Rhino threw everything he had at the world-class maniac and could have perhaps picked up the victory on more than on occasion. But of course, Joe Doering was lurking at ringside and made sure to do everything in his power to distract the Rhino and the referee. However at one point during the match the official would be clashed into by both men and be taken down, EY would see the advantage and pick up his hockey mask from the ring post. But The Deaners were on hand to keep this fight fair, well that’s what it seemed like as Cody Deaner took the mask from Cousin Jake who had taken it from EY, Cody looked to about to swing it at Young but instead hit his Cousin with it and left the ring. EY grinned at Deaner before he did the same to Rhino and picked up the win.

Backstage and Scott D’Amore is having a word with the security guard on behalf of Don Callis because he let Gia Miller through. Then as Karl Anderson approaches he gets stopped but simply gives the name 2 Badd then goes right on through for a family reunion.

Defeat Rohit X Division Title: Manik Def. Rohit ©: New Champion.

Rohit calls out his next challenger and the music of Manik plays, but nobody is walking down the aisle he then turns around and is met by a dropkick from Manik. The match begins and Manik is going straight after the champion and is just looking to pin him and leave with the title. Rohit has other ideas however, he knows exactly who is under the mask and appears to spend most of the match trying to confirm his theory by attempting to remove the mask of Manik. Manik, however, wants to leave with a submission victory and keeps applying the octopus style submission but the champion keeps finding a way to escape. Then after several attempts to use the referee’s position as an advantage, Manik would roll the champion up to become the new X Division champion.

Moose is backstage and tells Gia Miller that he fully intends on being next in line to whoever leaves as Impact World Champion and that he will be watching the main event closely.

Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo w/Kimber Lee Def. Rosemary w/ Taya Valkyrie.

Rosemary would look to finish this match before it even got started as straight at the bell delivers a spear to the champion. But would not phase the champion, Purrazzo would live up to her name of the best technical women’s wrestler today by keep Rosemary grounded and going to work on weakening the arm of the challenger. Throughout the match, both Lee and Valkyrie would get into verbal scraps which would always distract the referee, but Purrazzo would manage to lock in the armbar on more than on occasion but to no avail. The Demon assassin would deliver the red wedding F5 in an attempt to win the match, but before the ref could count three, Kimber Lee pulled him out of the ring. That led to a big boot to the face of Rosemary from the champion, followed by the Costra Nostra piledriver for the win and to retain the knockouts championship.

Outside of the arena, in their tour bus, Kenny Omega and Don Callis are having a reunion with Machine gun Karl Anderson, reminiscing about their times In Japan. KA has to leave for his match, however.

Karl Anderson Def. Ethan Page:

A very back and forth match between one-half of the world tag team champions and one-half of the former champions. Page would keep looking for the pin in order to finish the match off early, but Anderson won’t give up that easily as the two just continue to scrap and look for the move that could finish this match. Every time Anderson kicked out of a big move, the more frustrated both Page and Alexander would become, that led to Alexander jumping up on the apron but is quickly kicked back down by the Machine gun who then drops Ethan Page with the Gun Stun for the pin and the win.

Straight after the match, Alexander would climb in the ring and remind Page that he had lost the match. Page who is looking crushed tries to tell Josh Alexander that everything Is fine and that he has a plan. Alexander doesn’t believe him and takes off his North entrance jacket before leaving the arena whilst Ethan Page is trying to tell everyone that everything is fine.

Impact World Championship: Rich Swann © Def. Chris Bey

Bey and Swann wasted no time in trying to outdo each other with their athletic ability, but it seemed like neither man could hold on to the upper hand for very long which is when the resorted to kicking each other as hard as they could in order to knock the other man off their feet. Swann would gain the momentum but Bey had other ideas in mind and delivered his springboard cutter, but Swann somehow managed to reverse it with a handstand. The world champion the delivered the heavy kick that he had seen off Sami Callihan with last month but Bey managed to power out, but Rich would deliver an even harder kick followed by the phoenix splash to retain the Impact world championship.

Rich wouldn’t have time to celebrate though as straight after Moose made an appearance, as Rich readied for a fight Moose simply handed him the Impact World Championship and the left the ring.

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