Impact Wrestling: Rebellion 2020 – Night One Results | April 19, 2020

It is not how we thought it would take place, but this years Rebellion will be televised, with titles on the line and scores settled.

We open with a video package highlighting all of Impact’s biggest stars, set to a poem.

We then find out who will be joining Tommy Dreamer and Rhino for their six man tag team match – it’s the returning Crazzy Steve!

Tommy Dreamer, Rhino and Crazzy Steve defeated oVe (Madman Fulton, Dave and Jake Crist) via pinfall

Tommy Dreamer and Jake Crist begin, with the two exchanging holds. Jake Crist nips up and dares Tommy Dreamer to do the same, but after two attempts her gets an assist from Rhino and Steve. Dreamer, Rhino & Crazzy Steve work over oVe until Tommy Dreamer gets overwhelmed by all three members of oVe.

oVe work over Dreamer, until Dreamer gets the hot tag to Rhino who runs wild. Rhino gets a near fall with a belly-to-belly suplex but Fulton and and Jake Crist break it up. It all breaks down and everyones finds themselves on the outside, leaving Rhino and Dave Crist. Rhino hits the gore to pick up the win.

During this match, they reveal that Tessa Blanchard is not at Rebellion and therefore is unable to defend her world title.

Madison Rayne and Josh Mathews runs down the card, and reveals that Eddie Edwards is also not here for this show. We see an interview with Eddie, who explains his absence from the show.

Gia Miller talks to Michael Elgin, who asks if he can deal with the change in situation. He runs down his career and says when he becomes champion, he’ll be number one. He questions Blanchard’s and Edwards’ no-show, and says the show will end the same way it was going to end, with him as champion.

The Rascalz defeated XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) and TJP & Fallah Bahh via pinfall

TJP and Dez open the match, but Acey Romero caused a distraction allowing TJP to take control. TJP slides into the XXXL corner, but their girth stopped them for reaching him on the mat. The pair go hold-for-hold, until Dez tags in Wentz and the pair double team the other two teams.

Wentz worked over TJP, using his speed to hold down his equally-as-fast foe. Fallah Bahh got the blind tag, and the two took out The Rascalz, hitting a double splash for a near fall. Larry D and Bahh go at it, with Larry in firm control. XXXL beat down Fallah Bahh, getting several near falls and forcing TJP to break up the pin. Larry D throws some forearms, but Fallah Bahh’s up, hitting a big samoan drop. TJP gets the hot tag, but finds himself in The Rascalz corner allowing them to get the tag and hit some quick fire double teams.

The Rascalz went for Fire Hot Flame, but TJP pulled Dez out of the ring and all three teams hit their big moves, with Acey hitting the pounce for a near fall. Wentz low-bridged Acey Romero, hit the rainbow cutter on Larry D and allowed Dez to hit the Final Flash to pick up the win.

We hear from Impact Tag Team Champions The North. They talk about being delighted about being stuck in Canada, but they will find some of their country’s best teams to face in the meantime.

We hear from Willie Mack and the returning Rich Swann. Willie Mack says he is ready, but wished it was for the Tag Team Titles with Swann. Swann stops him and gives him a big pep talk.

Impact X-Division Title: Willie Mack defeated Champion Ace Austin via pinfall to win the title

Ace Austin stalls to open, keeping away from his challenger by staying on the outside. Mack gets hold of Ace Austin, but he remains elusive until Mack follows him to the outside. Mack goes for his cannonball but misses, allowing Ace to hit some kicks and tie Willie in the tree of woe. Willie Mack caught Ace Austin off a crossbody and hit a rough-looking samoan drop, redeeming himself with a beautiful standing shooting star press. Mack started reigning down strikes on Ace until the ref pulled him away, allowing the champion to take control.

Ace Austin starts to beat Willie Mack down, cutting him off at any opportunity. However, Ace gave Mack too much time, countering a springboard leg drop into a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. The two exchange blows until Mack dropped Ace with a big forearm, allowing him to take control. Mack hit the stunner, but Ace Austin flipped out of the sell (that’s going to annoy some people) and hit The Fold for a near fall. Ace went for The Fold again, but got thrown into a big stunner for a near fall of his own.

Willie Mack went up for the six-star frog splash, but Ace rolled to the corner. Mack improvised, hitting a coast-to-coast dropkick but then took too long and missed the frog splash. Ace went to roll Mack up with his feet on the ropes, but the referee caught him. Both men found themselves on the top rope where Mack hit a stunner on the top that did not look great. Mack hit the six-star frog splash for the win.

Rich Swann comes out to celebrate with his friend, and new champion.

Backstage, Rich Swann talks to Willie Mack about winning the gold and says they can still win the Tag Team Titles together. Johnny Swinger appears and talks about ‘The Pack N’ Mack Connection’, bringing up that he promised him a title shot. Swann and Mack ditch Swinger as he goes to get his Cadillac.

Kylie Rae defeated Keira Hogan via submission

Keira Hogan tried to push Kylie Rae around, but Kylie has enough and throws Hogan around, locking in the STF which forces Hogan to get to the ropes. Kylie Rae asks the ‘crowd’ should she trust Keira on a knuckle lock, to which Hogan screams ‘WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?’ which made me laugh. Rae went for the Kylie special, but Hogan countered and hit a rope-hung leg drop for a near fall.

Hogan worked over Kylie Rae, getting a near-fall off of a corner dropkick. Hogan wore Rae down with a chin lock and was in firm control. The two exchange big forearms and superkicks, sending both women down. They continue to exchange blows until Kylie Rae hits her Kylie Special for a near fall. Hogan then threw Rae into the middle rope, hitting a big kick for a near fall of her own.

The two exchange big move after big move until Hogan got cocky and got caught in Kylie’s S.T.T.F (Smile To The Finish) for the submission victory.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne run down the card for next weeks show, which shows there is no Knockouts Title match next week either, with Havoc vs Rosemary taking it’s place. They should have swapped these shows around.

Unsanctioned Match: Ken Shamrock defeated Sami Callihan via referee stoppage

Sami Callihan jump-started the match, hitting a big dive and went straight for Ken’s eyes. Callihan suplexed Shamrock on the floor but Shamrock no-sold a chop and threw a barrage of strikes, flooring Callihan. Shamrock throws Callihan into the guard rail and then jumps off the stage with a clothesline. The two brawled backstage, where Ken was caught with some powder to the eyes. Callihan hit Shamrock with a chair and some trashcan lids, following up with a chain to choke ‘The Worlds Most Dangerous Man’.

Shamrock caught a charging Sami with a kick, and rained down strikes on Callihan to retake control. Just as Shamrock was about to hit Callihan with a trashcan, oVe attacked him. Madman Fulton laid Shamrock out with a trash can, stamping it into his back. Callihan then looked like he has reunited with his Ohio boys, but instead laid them out with a weapon.

Both men then struggled to their feet and declared that they will finish this outside in the parking lot. They square up and Callihan again goes straight for Shamrock’s eyes to take control. Shamrock took control, but Callihan hit a low blow and locked in a sleeper hold. Shamrock forced Callihan into a truck three times to break the hold, locking in his ankle lock. However, rather than tap, Callihan passed out from the pain.

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