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    IMPACT: Wrestling Results | 28th July 2020

    Impact opens with a recap of last weeks show before Trey Miguel makes his way to the ring to challenge Eddie Edwards for the Impact World Championship.

    Eddie Edwards retains Impact World Championship, defeating Trey Miguel with a Shining Wizard

    Edwards controls the early proceedings of the match, overpowering the smaller Miguel as he looks to retain his championship. But Miguel would continually find his way back into the match with his superior speed.

    Miguel looked for a springboard DDT, but Edwards caught him and countered it into a beautiful spinning powerbomb for a two.

    Miguel got a two count of his own, hitting Edwards with a sunset flip into a cutter. The 25-year-old looked to capitalise with a monnsault but was met by the knees of Edwards.

    Edwards is hit by a running knee from Miguel, but before he can capitalise Edwards hits the Shining Wizard to retain.

    After the match, Eric Young makes his way to face off with Eddie Edwards, but he just stands at ringside before going backstage.

    We then go to Impact’s new reality show Wrestle House. Taya Valkyrie instantly wants to leave but opens a room full of fire with Abyss inside before returning to the main room.

    It is then revealed that Tommy Dreamer is the host of Wrestle House, and that he bought the house with his ECW cheques before they bounced.

    The wrestlers entering Wrestle House all then look for a bed, with Acey Romero and Crazy Steve both arguing over who gets to sleep in the ring outside.

    Acey Romero defeats Crazy Steve with a sleeper hold

    The two agree to settle this in the ring, with Kylie Rae as guest referee. Acey Romero runs the ropes for an extended amount of time and becomes exhausted, Crazy Steve looks to capitalise but Romero locks in the sleeper hold for the win.

    After the break, Rohit Raju then approaches TJP and Fallah Bahh backstage, asking them if they are interested in facing new X Division Champion Chris Bey. After TJP agrees to face him, he runs to Bey to inform him that TJP is interested in facing him.

    We are then shown a recap of the Motor City Machine Guns history in Impact. We then go backstage to The North, Josh Alexander says that he they have their rematch clause and that it’s only a matter of time before they get their titles back. Ethan Page goes to address the camera but is clearly on the verge of tears and runs away.

    We are then shown the Flashback Moment of the Week, with the Motor City Machine Guns defeating Beer Money at Victory Road 2010 for the tag team titles.

    After the break, we go to a EC3 segment. He discusses how he has beaten a number of Impact Hall of Famers, including Kurt Angle, Sting and Bully Ray, but none of that matters.

    EC3 says that he is no longer scared of his past, but it is now his biggest foe and he needs to destroy his past to take back the power and control his narrative.

    Moose is then interviewed backstage. He says that he will offer invitations to face him for the TNA Championship, but will not be offering one to EC3.

    Heath then confronts Moose asking for an opportunity to face him for the TNA Championship. Moose initially denies his challenge, saying that he isn’t part of the Impact roster, but eventually comes around to the idea.

    Deonna Purrazzo defeats Kimber Lee with the Fujiwara Armbar

    Kimber Lee then comes to the ring ahead of her match with Knock-Outs champion Deonna Purrazzo.

    Lee comes out of the gates flying, with strikes and a tilt-a-whirl head scissors, sending Purrazzo backing off out of the ring.

    As Purrazzo gets back into control, she continuously works the arm of Kimber Lee as she works towards the Fujiwara Armbar.

    Kimber Lee manages to hit a belly to back Suplex but once again hurts her arm, allowing Purrazzo to hit a kick to the arm before locking in the Fujiwara Armbar for the win.

    After the match, Jordynne Grace makes her way to the ring with her arm in a sling.

    As Grace enters the ring, she removes the sling and starts to attack Purrazzo, sending her to the outside as she stands tall.

    We then go to more Wrestle House. The Deaners are sharing a bedroom, with Cody sleeping on the floor and snoring.

    The snoring then wakes up Cousin Jake and the two argue about whose snoring before Tommy Dreamer appears in the bed and sets up a match between the two.

    Cousin Jake defeats Cody Deaner with a Powerslam

    Cody looks for a small package early on but Jake kicks out on two. Cody hits a clothesline and looks for a DDT, but Jake counters it into a huge Powerslam to win. The two men then hug afterwards.

    As we return, we go backstage to Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock speaking backstage. Shamrock tells Callihan that he is going way for a bit and he doesn’t know when he’ll be back.

    Callihan is then confronted by Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes, warning him to keep his eyes off Forbes.

    RVD and Forbes then come to the ring. Forbes says that people normally have to pay to see the pictures on her website, but tonight we get them for free.

    She then counts down to the photos, but the photos have been edited by Callihan, putting his face on top of the pictures of Forbes, leaving her rolling and screaming on the floor.

    After the break, Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne interview Rich Swann via video call. Swann talked about how he fought to get back, but he had his opportunity taken away from him by Eric Young. Swann then says that he will be at the Impact Zone next week to give an update on his injury.

    The Good Brothers defeat Reno Scum with the Magic Killer

    Karl Anderson opens the match by dominating Adam Thornstowe with a number of strikes, but Ace Austin distracts him as he walks on and sits at the top of the ramp, allowing Luster to tag in and take control.

    Thronstowe and Luster maintain control with a number of tag team manoeuvres before Machine Gun hits an excellent Spine Buster before getting the hot tag to Doc Gallows.

    Gallows hits Thornstowe with huge strikes and a pump kick to Luster, before tagging Anderson to hit the Magic Killer to Thornstowe for the win.

    After the match, Ace Austin makes his way to the ring and distracts the Good Brothers, allowing Madman Fulton to jump them from behind.

    The two teams brawl their way up the ramp and to the back, before making their way into the car park.

    Gallows hits Fulton into the camera and the show goes off the air.

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