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Impact Wrestling: Results | December 15 2020 – Gimme Back My Bullets

Impact stars go through the domino effect of their actions leading to HARD TO KILL and GENESIS. Here are the results from Impact Wrestling.

First match: Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb With a K vs Alisha & Eddie Edwards

Alisha attempts to even the score this evening after Tenille Dashwood stuck her in a label coordinate this previous Saturday at Final Resolution – obviously, it was not without the assistance of Sami Callihan. Tenille with the DashWoogie. Alisha gathers speed with a progression of running clotheslines. Kaleb pulls Tenille to security. Kaleb takes out Eddie with his camera pack at ringside. Alisha dispatches herself off the top yet Tenille utilizations Kaleb as a human shield. Tenille with Spotlight Kick and a pin.

After the match, Sami Callihan shows up on the screen and his psyche games proceed.

After the match, Sami Callihan shows up on the screen and his psyche games proceed. Callihan proposes that he and Edwards settle their discrepancies man to man, for the last time. Callihan wishes Edwards a cheerful holiday season.

The Best Bout Machine, Kenny Omega and The Invisible Hand, Don Callis arrive at the Impact Studio.

Gia Miller meets with the Motor City Machine Guns before Chris Sabin’s singles match against Karl Anderson. Sabin advises us that The Guns have their rematch stipulation for the Tag Team Championships.

After we see Omega and Callis speaking to Anderson.

Moose Speaks in Ring

Mr. Impact Moose is in the ring and uncovers that because of his assault on Willie Mack, he will be not able to seek the following fourteen days. Willie’s music hits and out comes Chocolate Thunder. He is irate that he lost to Moose because of the official. Since no one other than himself decides whether he can or cannot proceed. Willie provokes Moose to a match at Genesis.

Second Match: X-Division Champion Manik vs Chris Bey with Rohit Raju

Manik dominates the ring early with a springboard crossbody. Bey begins to wear out Manik with progression. Manik hides under the ring and the official starts his count. He appears from the opposite side of the ring. He hits Chris Bey with the Detonation Kick. Rohit is persistent with Manik to remove his mask. Rohit loses it and assaults Bey from behind, causing the disqualification. Allowing Chris Bey to win against the X-Division Champion.

LATER on Twitter: TJP states he is Manik:
Omega speaks of the disrespect from Rich Swann.

Third Match:  Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final: Kiera Hogan | Tasha Steelz vs Taya Valkyrie | Rosemary

The match begins with Taya hitting a spinebuster. With in minutes, Rosemary locks Tasha with the upside down. Kiera and Tasha take control, Rosemary hits a solid spear to cause separation. Rosemary makes the tag to Taya who goes on the assault! Taya hits Kiera with a sitdown powerbomb for the count. Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee, interrupt the match. Allowing Kiera to finish with a swinging neckbreaker. Kiera and Tasha advance to the finals.

Eric Young speaks of the sickness to Cody Deaner and the suffering.
Johnny Swinger finds the fanny pack of money, he upgrades his fanny pack to the one he found from the knockouts.

Fourth Match: Josh Alexander vs Brian Myers

The match begins. Ethan Page runs to ringside to cheer on his tag partner. Myers then takes advantage of the situation and control of the match. Ethan gets ran into the ringside post and emerges as his alter ego…The Karate Man. Myers wins by disqualification due to The Karate Man hitting him with a series of moves. Alexander was not to pleased with the outcome.

EY baptized Deaner in the waters of change.

Larry D was sent to jail for the attempted assassination of Jonh E. Bravo. Romero states he was set up. Cousin Jake and Rhino join in the fight in opposition to EY.

Main Event: Karl Anderson vs Chris Sabin with Alex Shelley

As soon as the match starts from the bell. Anderson has the upper hand on Sabin. Sabin attempts his slingshot crossbody. Anderson rapidly counters. Sabin to the top rope with a crossbody then a pin. Anderson attempts his gun stun. Chris Sabin counters with a tornado DDT. The Machine Gun Karl Anderson then closes with his spinebuster known around the world. Sabin gets his shoulder up. Anderson moves him up with a hand full of trunks to take the victory.

Rich Swann attempts to talk to Anderson on how he does not need to cheat. Anderson punches Swann. Leading into chaos backstage.

Omega makes a comment that the champ does what he wants, agreeing with Don. Gallows returns attacking Motor City Machine Guns. Kenny Omega hits Rich Swann on the head with a sign.

Don Callis uses his EVP power to make an official 6-man tag at Hard to Kill.

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