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Impact Wrestling Results – February 18th, 2020

Matty Deller runs down the results from last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

The numbers in the six-person tag main event don’t lie, but will Ace Austin spell disaster for Tessa Blanchard at Sacrifice?

We saw a recap of everything that went down last week, including Michael Elgin going 2-0 up against Eddie Edwards.

TJP defeated Josh Alexander via pinfall

This was another fantastic match involving TJP, she is really refinding himself in Impact. No disrespect to Alexander who was also excellent. The pair open with some chain wrestling with Josh keeping wrist control and TJP finding ways to counter. TJP went for a leg scissors, but Alexander powered out, forcing TJP to get to the ropes. TJP then hit some high-flying offence until Alexander dropped him with a shoulder block and began working him over. TJP tried locking in an octopus hold, but Alexander cut him off and continued to work him over.

Alexander went for a Finlay roll, but TJP countered it into a crucifix for a near fall, and then an armbar out of a second Finlay roll attempt but Alexander rolled him over for a near fall of his own. TJP then ran wild, hitting a headscissors and a corkscrew plancha to the outside, and came close with a big powerbomb until Josh Alexander dropped him with a release Blue Thunder bomb.

The two exchanged big move after big move until TJP had the Detonation Kick blocked but as Alexander went for a sleeper, TJP rolled him up for the shock pinfall.

Backstage, Johnny Swinger interrupted Willie Mack, telling Mack that they need to practice and get some reps. Mack tells him that he’s right and heads to the ring.

Michael Elgin cut a promo on Eddie saying that he thought they were similar, but tonight Eddie needs to be pushed to the limits by Callihan and Ace Austin to finally dig in and win, meanwhile Elgin doesn’t need anything. He vows to win tonight.

Willie Mack defeated Johnny Swinger via pinfall

This was played mainly for laughs. Johnny Swinger tried using his sneaky tricks from the off but Willie Mack had the upper hand. Swinger finally got the upper hand with a guillotine over the ropes, which he followed up with some illegal chokes, a headbutt to the groin, and some eye rakes. Swinger then went for a middle rope axe handle but Mack caught him with some strikes and a scoop slam. Swinger went for his swinging neckbreaker but Mack countered, hitting the stunner and the 6-star frog splash for the win.

We see a video recap of Jordynne Grace’s title win from last week. Madison Rayne was in the ring talking about Jordynne Grace, saying that Grace got herself in a match she didn’t belong and she cheated to win that match.

Rayne said that tonight, she was holding a special Golden Opportunity Open Challenge.

Out came Mazzerati, making her Impact debut.

Madison Rayne defeated Mazzerati via pinfall

Mazzerati started off fast, with a few roll-ups and dropkicks early on but Rayne hit a big knee and a northern lights suplex to retake control. Mazzerati fought back with a jawbreaker and some strikes, but Rayne fought back with a ripcord cutter. Mazzerati would not say die, hitting some kicks but it wasn’t enough, as Rayne kicked her off the top and hit CrossRayne for the win.

Gabbi Loren interviewed Jordynne Grace about winning the title. Jordynne said that this meant the world to her, as she’s been wrestling since she was 14 years old and that beating Taya for it was the icing on the cake. She said that she’ll defeat Jessicka Havok at Sacrifice and will be a fighting champion.

Backstage, Taya was screaming at Bravo saying she’s coming to get her title back.

Backstage, RVD tried to calm down Katie Forbes about social media and were talking about losers.RVD then makes fun of Daga, who then shows up challenges Rob to a match.

Gabbi Loren interviewed Tessa Blanchard, Trey Miguel, and Tommy Dreamer. The latter put over Tessa and Trey for making their names. Tessa said she felt great with this team and that come Sacrifice, it will be one on one vs Ace Austin.

Best of Five Series: Eddie Edwards defeated Michael Elgin via pinfall to make it 2-1 to Elgin

The pair exchange clotheslines in the middle of the ring, Elgin went for a german suplex but Eddie Edwards flipped out of it and sent him to the outside. He hit a big dive, and then a tiger bomb back inside the ring for a near fall. Edwards went for the Boston Knee Party, but Elgin dodged, hotshotted Eddie, hit a german suplex and a sliding lariat allowing Elgin to take over.

Elgin worked over Edwards body with big strikes and was in firm control until Edwards managed to boot Elgin off the top rope to the outside. A dive by Eddie was caught by an Elgin elbow, leading to an Elgin bomb attempt on the ramp but that was countered into a Boston Knee Party on the ramp for a count of nine.

These two hit big move after big move in another fantastic contest and it seems Elgin was going to sweep Edwards, but he countered the Elgin bomb into an inside cradle to give him some hope going into match four.

Rhino defeated Dave Crist via pinfall

Moose came down for commentary for this match. Dave got some shots in as did Jake too as the referee was distracted, but in the end this was a total squash match. Rhino won with the Gore on Dave.

Somewhere backstage, Jessicka Havok roamed until Susie showed up, who was playing tricks on her, telling Havok her time had come.

We see a vignette for Chris Bey, who has signed with Impact Wrestling.

Gabbi Loren brought us a preview for Sacrifice when her stream was interrupted by the hacker. Callis and Matthews said they’re investigating what is happening.

X-Division Champion Ace Austin & Reno Scum (Luster The Legend & Adam Thornstowe) defeated Impact World Champion Tessa Blanchard, Trey Miguel, and Tommy Dreamer via pinfall

Trey opens it up outquicking Adam Thornstowe, hitting some dropkicks before tagging in Blanchard, who hit a hurricanrana and then tagged in Dreamer. Tessa’s team used quick tags to dominate the early goings until Trey got caught and was isolated by Austin and Reno Scum. They try taking out Dreamer, but they all eat some bionic elbows and Tessa’s team was back in control. Dreamer ends up eating a knee from Ace, and he gets worked over by all three men. Dreamer moved out of the way of a headbutt and tagged in Trey, but he is double teamed by Reno Scum.

Trey finally escaped their clutches and got the hot tag to Tessa, who ran wild. The match broke down and all six people brawl. It came down to Trey and Ace, who hit a low blow on Miguel and the fold to pick up the win.


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